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Series: Philippians, a Letter of Joy

A verse by verse study of Philippians, with new insights and cultural context.

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Title Presentation Date Speaker Handouts Slides Audio Video Full Lesson Synopsis
1411 Chapter 1 - Philippians; an Introduction 06/06/2021 Mark Lanier Mark begins a new series on the book of Philippians with Chapter 1, an Introduction. For context, the Apostle Paul, who wrote many of the books in the New Testament, wrote the Book of Philippians as a letter to the Church in Philippi. In this first lesson Mark provides the background and history of the colony of Philippi. He then discusses the Greek word koinonia, which Paul uses often in the letter, and he also begins to show us how God is at work. Join us Sundays at 9:30am CST! Links below: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfocCxLc8BFCta-NO4JkTcA?view_as=subscriber CFBC Website: https://www.championforest.org/worship/watch/biblit.php Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Biblical-Literacy-195629981890/ 8
1412 Chapter 2 - Philippians; Paul's Unique Mindset 06/13/2021 Mark Lanier Mark continues his study in the book of Philippians with Chapter 2, Paul’s Unique Mindset. For context, the Apostle Paul, who wrote many of the books in the New Testament, wrote the Book of Philippians as a letter to the Church in Philippi. Today’s lesson reviews Phil 1:1, and three different attitudes Paul expresses within this first verse. Mark discusses Paul’s attitude toward God, to see how it aligns with ours, and what we can draw as inspiration. Mark also explains Paul’s attitude toward the church, as Paul is a God-inspired writer, and God has secured this scripture for the church and his saints. Last, is Paul’s relationship attitude, because as saints we are in Christ Jesus. 7
1413 Chapter 3 - Philippians; Paul\'s Thank You Note 06/20/2021 Mark Lanier Mark taught from Philippians 1:1-3—Paul’s Thank You note. Paul had been sentenced to Roman imprisonment under house arrest, which meant the Philippian church was paying to keep him out of the horrible conditions of prison. Paul thanked God for using the Philippians to meet his needs, emphasizing the word always. Listen to Mark detail the contents of Paul’s joyful letter and how his example inspires us to always thank God for what He has given us. 6
1414 Chapter 4 - Philippians; The Macros and Micros of the Gospel 06/27/2021 Mark Lanier Mark continued with the study of Philippians by detailing Philippians 1:3-9 titled: The Macros and the Micros of the Gospel. Mark expanded on both the big and the small/individual picture of Paul’s writings with 3 focus areas: 1. Fellowship of the Gospel. Believers are partners in the Gospel or Good News to humans, and the roots of our foundation is in Christ. Mark compares the partnership to an aspen grove. 2. The fruition of the Gospel. Philippians 1:6, "He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion." God is working in all believers, and He will finish it. 3. Life in the gospel. The key is living in relationship with Christ Jesus and others.  Listen to Mark detail the biblical teachings in Philippians that show we share the cross in our mindset, disposition, and attitude. We are commonly rooted in the Gospel through the cross of Christ Jesus. 5
1415 Chapter 5 - Philippians; Things Happen...Rejoice! 07/04/2021 David Fleming Pastor David Fleming was the guest teacher for today’s Biblical-Literacy class on Philippians 1:12-18. In Paul’s letter to the Philippians, dark things happened to him. But Paul rejoiced in it all because it glorified God. While we may ask the question “why,” Paul offered a road map as the answer. 1. Kingdom mindset. A faith perspective in how we think. Attitude determines altitude. Readers of his letter knew what had happened to Paul. Feared for him. God was in the process. Romans 8:28 is a promise from God. As children of God, all things are God filtered. Wait and see what God will do. 2. Eyes of faith. See the happenings through the lens of God. Paul was a prisoner of Christ which was the sole reason he was a prisoner in Rome. 3. Christ centered priorities. Paul shared that his friends know who he was, why he was in the prison situation - for God’s glory. Paul models what our response should be with dark happenings in our lives. As we relate to others, we should not devalue what we value the most—that Christ be glorified.     4
1416 Chapter 6 - Philippians; What Was Paul Thinking??? 07/11/2021 Mark Lanier

What was Paul Thinking in Philippians 1:18(b)-19. What illuminated his mind? Throughout the lesson, Mark taught an understanding of Greek by applying the present, future and perfect verb “enses.

Three considerations for Paul’s confidence while he was imprisoned in Rome: 1.  Paul’s confidence – Confidence in the future because of what he’s seen in the past through knowledge and experience with hope for the future. Psalm 42-43. 2. Paul’s source of confidence – Personal prayer and intercessory prayer. God honors prayer through the help of the Spirit of Jesus. 3. Paul’s language – Paul quotes a passage from Job 13:16 to show his heart. He knows life's circumstances will glorify God and be to his benefit. Mark challenges us to re-up our commitment to pray specifically. Listen to Mark share Paul’s confidence of how we can apply the past, present, and future relationship with God to our lives.
1417 Chapter 7 Phillipians; Paul Gets Personal! 07/18/2021 Mark Lanier

Mark continued with his in-depth study of Philippians. This week, Paul gets personal in explaining his perspective in Philippians 1:20-26. “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Three concepts are evident in this verse.

1. To live or to die - The center of Paul’s life is Christ, who is his life’s purpose. Everything is Christ. Paul explains his reasoning further in Philippians 3:4-10. 2. The tough dilemma - Paul doesn’t earn Christ but gains Him. Paul is surrounded by stress; what is better for him and what is better for the Philippians. 3. The decision - Paul will remain and continue the work contending for the Gospel with the Philippians. Mark explains a meaning of J.O.Y. that fits this passage: Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself last.
1418 Chapter 8 - Philippians; Olympics, Horses, and Suffering!: 07/25/2021 Mark Lanier
This week Mark taught Philippians 1:27-29 titled: Olympics, Horses, and Suffering - Connecting the Dots to Living the Gospel. Paul saw all of life through the prism of the death of Christ as shown in the following three verses: Verse 27: Olympics - the Gospel of working together as a team. We should conduct our lives as a citizen of the Gospel, one who follows Christ as though we are living in a kingdom outpost. Verse 28: Horses - horses can get spooked and run. Don’t be afraid to live for Christ. Verse 29: Suffering - Paul called it an honor to suffer for the Gospel. Give graciously for the sake of Christ. Listen to Mark expound on Paul’s beliefs that the church should be the most unified and powerful force on the planet.
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