Chapter 13, Philippians; A Glimpse into Everyday Life


In this week’s in-depth look into passages of Philippians, Paul’s writing gives a glimpse into everyday life. Mark explains that some people put life into 3 buckets: sin, spiritual, and normal. Paul doesn’t divide life into 3 buckets. Only two. We live either a sinful or spiritual life. Mark expands on 3 focus areas in today’s lesson extracting insights into living a spiritual life according to Philippians 2:19-30. 1. Friendship - Paul challenges us to walk in Christ with hope, a confident expectation of a future event. 2. Identity - Our identity in Christ is a brother/sister, fellow worker, and fellow solider in sharing the Gospel of Christ Jesus. 3. Sensitivity - The knowledge of Christ changes everything about our eternal life. Listen to Mark teach about the kindred spirit Paul had with Timothy and Epaphroditus, and how we can apply those characteristics to our lives.


Speaker: Mark Lanier