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ID Name Language Synopsis Sort Order
34 Passages Worth the Dig [Current Series] English Mark takes the new year of 2020 with this new series "Passages Worth the Dig".  He will take various scriptures worth digging through in hopes that they will offer new insights and life changing principles.  Come along and see where the Holy Spirit leads!! 1
33 Reading the Old Testament Through the Gospel of John English More than perhaps any other Gospel, the Gospel of John takes many roads found through the history and instructions of the Old Testament, converging them in the life of Jesus Christ.

John is a marvelous book for reading through and getting to know Jesus.  But it is also a book worthy of a deep dive, seeking the nuggets that are often overlooked. Diligent study, an intimacy with the Old Testament, an understanding of 1stcentury Judaism, and awareness of the issues of the early church, are all tools that can bring greater clarity, light, and appreciation for the Gospel of John.  That is the goal of this study.

29 Is God Guilt of Fraud (Formerly The Greatness of God: Examining God's CV) English As the series has progressed the concept that God is good and great must be reconciled with his commands to put entire cities to death. The question is then more aptly stated, "Is God Guilty of Fraud?" These lessons and videos are part of a series: Is God Guilty of Fraud (formerly, The Greatness of God) – Mark Lanier, A trial lawyer by trade, examines the truth of God’s greatness by examining His Curriculum Vitae (CV). In consecutive lessons, Mark uses God’s CV to understand who He is, what his greatness has to do with us, why God has done horrible things and allows evil, what is the truth about God’s greatness, does God’s CV indicate that he keeps his promises and does God’s CV include references that back up the claim to His greatness? In consecutive lessons, he uses God’s CV to understand
  • who He is
  • what his greatness has to do with us
  • why God has done horrible things and allows evil
  • what is the truth about God’s greatness
  • whether God’s CV indicate that he keeps his promises
  • does God’s CV include references that back up the claim to His greatness
For the YouTube Playlist of this series, go here. For the podcast, go here.
32 The Long and Winding Road - The Old Testament Leads to Jesus English Almost two thousand years ago, in the Mediterranean world around modern Egypt, a sermon was written. The sermon has made it into the Christian Bible in a “book” called “Hebrews.” The sermon starts with a provocative statement.
Over and over, in different ways, long ago, God spoke to the fathers through the prophets. But in these latter days, he has spoken to us through his Son (Heb. 1:1).
One God, one message, but different methods. Seeing that God’s message to humanity in the “latter days” of the writer was given in Jesus, allows us to go back into the days “long ago” to find that same message. That is the point of this series. Mark walks through many examples of God speaking the message found in Jesus through prophets that walked the earth in the millennia before Jesus. The journey will feature a myriad of ways God spoke his message. Sometimes, the wording was direct. Often it was in images and types. In the many different ways, we have the blessing of hindsight, illuminating the message by knowing its ultimate form in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
10 Special Events English 5
30 Interviews English 6
28 Devotionals from the Life of Christ English Mark Lanier teaches devotionals using Jesus' words as reported in scripture. These devotionals are relevant for our worries, needs, and joys today, exploring events reported in Scripture, such as how Jesus handled interruptions, the woman at the well, and prayer. For a closed caption youtube playlist of the entire series, go here. Want the podcast? Go here. 7
31 Devotionals from the Torah English Mark's lessons on Devotionals from the Torah 8
26 Colossians English 9
23 Paul, a Legal Case Study English Mark began a new series about the Apostle Paul as if he were asked to represent Paul in a court of law. As a lawyer, Mark approaches the subject of Paul based on his own legal experience. 12
25 Por qué No Soy... Espanol En este estudio, estaremos revisando múltiples religiones y cosmovisiones. Basándonos en el análisis de Mark Lanier, uno de los abogados más exitosos en los Estados Unidos,  a manera de una corte de la ley, veremos las razones por las que “No soy…” (Agnóstico, Ateo, Musulmán, Hindú, Mormón, Etc…) 13
20 Why I'm Not... English 14
19 Life Group Greek English 15
18 Church History English 16
17 La Biblia en Contexto Espanol

Click ESTUDIO: La Biblia En Contexto

16 The Context Bible English 18
15 Estudio del Nuevo Testamento Espanol 19
14 New Testament Survey English 20
13 Your God Is Still Too Small English 21
12 Sondeo del Antiguo Testamento Espanol Click ESTUDIO: Más Profundo. Antiguo Testamento" 22
21 Old Testament Survey Abridged English The available versions of the Old Testament Survey Abridged documents correspond to the original lesson material of the Old Testament Survey. The abridged  versions give an outline of the class agenda and emphasize the biblical application of the lesson to daily life. 23
11 Old Testament Survey English 24
9 New Testament Biblical Literacy English 25
8 Old Testament Biblical Literacy English 26
7 Introduccion A La Historia De La Iglesia Espanol Click ESTUDIO: Historia de la Iglesia" 27
6 Church History Literacy English 28
5 Pablo: Su Teología Espanol 29
4 Paul: His Theology English 30
3 Pablo: Su Vida Y Enseñanzas Espanol 31
2 Paul: His Life And Teachings English 32
1 The Great Commission English 33