Chapter 18, Philippians; Catch the task and Catch the theology:


Mark continued his teachings from the book of Philippians by focusing on Chapter 4:4-6 titled Catch the Task . . . Catch the Theology. Paul was a “task theologian.” He wrote in a way that made the lessons of God memorable. He used assonance (related in sound) and chiasmus (a memorable structure). Mark shared three points in today’s lesson: 1. Rejoice: Philippians 4:4. Joy is the distinctive mark of the Christian 2. Be kind: Philippians 4:5. Paul tells us to let our reasonableness (sound judgement, fairness) be known by all. 3. Don't be anxious: Philippians 4:6. Take our worries and concerns to the Lord in faith and thanksgiving. Listen to Mark show through Scripture that the Lord is near, and we are to reflect Him as He transforms our lives. Find joy in the journey.


Speaker: Mark Lanier