Chapter 6 - Philippians; What Was Paul Thinking???


What was Paul Thinking in Philippians 1:18(b)-19. What illuminated his mind? Throughout the lesson, Mark taught an understanding of Greek by applying the present, future and perfect verb “enses.

Three considerations for Paul’s confidence while he was imprisoned in Rome: 1.  Paul’s confidence – Confidence in the future because of what he’s seen in the past through knowledge and experience with hope for the future. Psalm 42-43. 2. Paul’s source of confidence – Personal prayer and intercessory prayer. God honors prayer through the help of the Spirit of Jesus. 3. Paul’s language – Paul quotes a passage from Job 13:16 to show his heart. He knows life's circumstances will glorify God and be to his benefit. Mark challenges us to re-up our commitment to pray specifically. Listen to Mark share Paul’s confidence of how we can apply the past, present, and future relationship with God to our lives.


Speaker: Mark Lanier