Series: Better Bible Study

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Title Presentation Date Speaker Handouts Slides Audio Video Full Lesson Synopsis
1527 Chapter 1, Why? What? How? 06/04/2023 Mark Lanier Mark started a new summer series on Better Bible Study, BBS. The goal of this series is to learn how to study the Bible with each lesson building on the previous. Today’s overview reviewed the why, what & how of bible study.  Why? Timothy 3:12-17. The Bible is God-breathed, used for reproof, correction, train, inspired by God, and equips the believer for every good work. What? The Protestant Bible has 66 books. God’s holy and sacred words. In contrast, the Catholic Bible contains 14 additional books called the Apocrypha. How? Attitude, Read the Bible, Use pen and notes, and listen to the Holy Spirit. The Bible is God communicating through language. Listen to Mark show the value of Bible Study. 13
1529 Chapter 3: A Better Hermeneutic 06/18/2023 Mark Lanier Mark taught Lesson 3 in the summer’s Better Bible Study series expanding on three themes. 1. The surviving and thriving remnant. A remnant is a small piece or amount that is left from a larger original or amount. Mark detailed how God referred to the remnant of his people throughout scripture. 2. Spiritual warfare. This aspect begins in Genesis with Adam and Eve’s encounter with Satan and fall, and carries through to Revelation. 3. A love story between God and his creation. The love theme is part of the week’s homework. as well as the temple, and sacrifice themes. Points for home God can build a car out of spare parts. We are remnant people. Be alert to the fight around you. Be alert to the fight around you and pray. 11
1528 Chapter 2: The Hermeneutical Approach 06/11/2023 Mark Lanier Mark taught Lesson 2 in the summer’s Better Bible Study series with a hermeneutical approach, the study of the methods of reading and understanding Bible passages. Mark covered three themes: 1. The kingdom of God come among His people. God will bring His kingdom to the redeemed. 2. God as a just God. Humanity has a problem: pride. 3. God’s provision of land for His people.The redemption story is about land. Points for home included: Live as children of the King. Live the righteousness of God. Trust  in the providing God. Homework assignment was to discover/review the biblical themes of 1) the remnant, 2) spiritual warfare, and 3) a love story 12
1530 Chapter 4: A Hermeneutical Approach 06/25/2023 Mark Lanier 6-25-23 Biblical-Literacy Mark continued BBB- Better Bible Study - with Lesson 4 using a hermeneutical approach. This week’s focus was on the Biblical theme of the temple. 1. What was the temple? Earthly home of a heavenly God, the presence of God among people, His dwelling and resting place.The tabernacle was a portable temple. 2. The temple theme throughout the Bible begins in the creation, shows Jesus dwelt with man, and moves on to Jesus’ second coming in Revelation. 3. Points for home: - See your value in God’s perspective. - See your need of a Savior. - See your destiny with the purity of Jesus. Listen to Mark teach on the temple theme.We are all God’s temple: holy, righteousness, and the image of God. Homework: look for biblical themes of a love story, sacrifice, and giving. 10
1531 Chapter 5: Mark continues with the series Better Bible Study and Meta Narratives. 07/02/2023 Mark Lanier 7-2-23 Biblical-Literacy Mark continued BBB - Better Bible Study - with two themes: the Bible as a love story and giving. 1. Love story narrative First, what is love? Mark shares the Greek words for love and the Hebrew word. God centers His love for us throughout the Bible: starting in Genesis, we are created in His image and His love continues through the wedding feast as depicted in Revelation. 2. God as a giver From Genesis to Revelation, all we need is God. Mark points out how God fills every human essential through His giving nature. As images of God we too should be givers. Points for home: Find yourself pursued in love, See your value and be a giver Homework: Research the biblical themes of sacrifice and time. Listen to Mark expound on God’s love throughout the Bible and how He is the ultimate giver. 9
1532 Chapter 6: Mark continues Better Bible Study with Biblical themes of 07/09/2023 Mark Lanier

Mark continued BBS Better Better Study focused on the theme of sacrifice. The Bible was built over time, and associations are built into it. Mark defined sacrifice as the destruction or surrender for the sake of something else.

Marks presents this lesson with two points: 1. Lessons on sacrifices from more obvious passages like with how Moses explained how sacrifice association are built into the Passover regarding unintentional sin. 2. Lessons on sacrifices from less obvious places noting that defiant nor intentional sins were covered by sacrifices. Points for home: Jesus was always Plan A. Let’s live like we were Plan A Let’s worship like we were always Plan A Homework.  What do you find as biblical themes of the Messiah? Listen to Mark teach the biblical theme of association with sacrifice and how Jesus fulfilled all the criteria for sin with His ultimate sacrifice for all time, past, present, and future. The blood of Jesus takes the abnormal and makes it normal. Join us Sundays at 9:30am CST! Links below: YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCfocCxLc8BFCta-NO4JkTcA?view_as=subscriber CFBC Website: championforest.org/worship/watch/biblit.php
1535 Chapter 8: Mark continues with the series Better Bible Study, as we look at the Biblical theme of \ 07/23/2023 Mark Lanier

Mark continued the Better Bible Study - BBS with a focus on the theme of exile—the state or period of forced absence from one’s home or country.

1. The “exile” began with the exile from the garden to restoration with God woven throughout the Bible. Sin resulted in exile. God had to clean us up. 2. Mark reviewed additional passages that deal with exile including echoes of creation and re-creation. 3. Points for home: Give purpose and meaning in life’s storms. His presence is in the exile. Help value our past and future. God will end all exiles. Listen to Mark show through Scripture how God chose before Genesis how He’d restore His people to Him for eternity. Exile or stories of banishment and exile are woven throughout Scripture. We are all exiled from God until we accept Jesus’ sacrifice and follow Him. Join us Sundays at 9:30am CST! Links below: YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCfocCxLc8BFCta-NO4JkTcA?view_as=subscriber CFBC Website: championforest.org/worship/watch/biblit.php
1534 Chapter 7: Mark continues with the series Better Bible Study 07/16/2023 Mark Lanier 7-16-23 Biblical-Literacy Mark continued in the Better Bible Study, BBS, series with the theme of Messiah throughout the Bible. Messiah is one who is anointed or consecrated to God’s purpose. The Bible speaks of 3 types of individuals who were Messiah'd: priests, kings, and prophets. Jesus fulfills all three as the ultimate Messiah. Mark divided his teaching between the roles & titles of Messiah then concluded with Points for Home. Listen to Mark show how Jesus Christ is the Messiah from Genesis through Revelation. We get to dwell with God forever through Jesus the Messiah. 7
1538 Chapter 10: Better Bible Study series continues with, Pastor Study Habits 08/06/2023 Pastor Dr. Jarrett Stephens 8-6-23 Biblical-Literacy  Pastor Jarrett Stephens shared his approach to Better Bible Study, BBS, during this week’s class. He encouraged us to create our own method for our time with the Lord. Start small and grow in time spent building your relationship with God.  Hour of power - a spiritual workout.  1. Prioritize your time 2. Use a Study Bible and journal your thoughts, prayers, and what God is telling you. 3. Get a plan - As you engage with God’s word, ask yourself 1) What does this text say about God? 2) What does this text say about/to me? 4. Read a nonfiction book 5. End with Prayer and note the resulting actions to take as He speaks.  Your relationship with the Lord is only as good as your time with the Lord. Listen to Pastor Jarrett show us how Bible Study is our most important time of the day to grow our relationship with God and grow in Christ.   4
1537 Chapter 9: Better Bible Study series continues with the theme Emmanuel 07/30/2023 Dr. David Capes Dr. David Capes taught the next lesson in the Better Bible Study, BBS, series focused on Immanuel in the Gospel of Matthew.  Matthew’s Gospel was placed first by the early church leaders. It’s a user-friendly handbook to the church. Dr Capes had three points. 1. Background of Immanuel in Matthew     Fulfillment of Scripture      Prophets both spoke and acted out their messages 2. Bookends      Matthew begins when Jesus is born as Immanuel - God with us.       It ends with the great commission and Jesus is with us always.  Points for Home   1. BBS begins by reading entire books not just isolated verses.    2. Many times we can discover that unclear passages can be explained by clear ones so reading more and in context is key.  Listen to Dr. Capes show how Jesus, as Immanuel, is God with us and evident throughout Matthew. He asked of the apostles - Who do you say that I am?    5
1541 Chapter 12: Better Bible Study; Biblical theme of Time 08/20/2023 Mark Lanier 8-21-23 Biblical-Literacy Mark taught another class in the Better Bible Study, BBS, series with a focus on the Bible theme - Time. 1. God and time: God created time, people are under time and God is over time, and God doesn’t change. 2. People And time: people exist in time, does wisdom come with time? time is fleeting, time should affect how we live, and we have a longing in our heart for eternity. 3. History and time: the age of Eden, the age of death, and the age to come. Listen to Mark expound on how time with God shows us how to live. 2
1540 Chapter 11: Better Bible Study; A Hermeneutical Approach 08/13/2023 Dr. David Capes 8-13-23 Biblical-Literacy Dr. David Capes continued in the Better Bible Study, BBS, by highlighting principles of exegesis. Exegesis - a “close reading” of a text. Dr. Capes began with a review of the BBS lessons to-date, then turned his attention to the topic of Exegisis. Lesson points: What do you bring to the tasks of studying the Bible? History, disposition, culture, values, griefs, and hopes BBS begins with reading entire books not isolated verses. Reading the Bible closely. Reviewing the culture of the time of writing including geography. Points for home: Read text slowly against their linguistic, historical, and cultural contexts. Consider a cultural background study Bible Consult experts Ask - What did this text mean to the first people who heard it before asking what does it mean to me. BBS is not a solo act. It is a communal act. Listen to Dr. Capes explain how exegesis helps us dive deeper into Bible Study. 3
1542 Chapter 13: Better Bible Study; Communications in the Bible 08/28/2023 Pastor Brent Johnson 8-27-23 Bib-Lit  Brent Johnson taught BBS - Better Bible Study - on the topic of Communication.  Communication with God is prayer. Proper communication means the sender sends a message through a channel to the recipient. That channel is either verbal or nonverbal. The process takes time. Brent offers three points in our communication with God. 1. God speaks:       When God speaks, things happen because God created everything out of nothing. The written word is the Bible, and God called Jesus the Word. Christ is our        hope and glory. 2. Man speaks:      This can mean trouble ahead when man attempts to dictate to God what to do. We speak to God in prayer and ask God what He wants us to do.         Communication is seeking God’s will and encourage others. 3. Who is listening?     God is speaking. We are listening.  Points for home 1. God speaks: trust and obey 2. May my words be acceptable to God - Psalm 19:14. 3. Man speaks:  speak in response to God’s will. 4.  Who’s listening: Man is to respond with more listening than speaking.  1