Series: Paul: His Theology

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76 Paul's Theology - Overview And Approach 10/30/2009 Lanier


Lesson 1

Overview and Approach

"Theology" has always struck me as a powerful and impressive word. Even before I understood the meaning behind the word, I was under its spell as a word of significance and serious thought. As I aged and my studies progressed, the word took on more shape and meaning. Yet all that time, its effect and power never diminished, but grew, as I learned to appreciate its reflection of some of humanity's best thoughts of and understandings about God, his creations, past, present, and future.

77 God - How Do We Understand God? 10/30/2009 Lanier

How does God communicate? God is a God of revelation. God chooses to make Himself known. A primary tool of communication is the Bible, “the word of God” which reveals to us Jesus, the “Word” of God.

God did not create us to be robotic, but to be relational. In speaking through Paul, God did not bypass Paul’s personality and experiences. Of all the New Testament authors, Paul is the one who has stamped his own personality most unmistakably on his writings.

Join us as we discover God’s desire to make himself known to us through the writings of Paul in our first lesson on Paul’s views on God.

78 God - The Father 10/30/2009 Lanier

The Bible often speaks about God in terms of humanized traits and ideas so that we can better understand certain aspects of his character and nature. What does the Bible really mean when it calls God our “Father”? For us to understand Paul’s usage of “Father” more fully we need to put ourselves into Paul’s time and culture as best as we can to understand what Paul’s concept of a Father was.

So we start looking at “Father” in its context. We will then consider Paul’s verses that reference God as Father and try to make theological sense of them. This is our second lesson on Paul’s views of God.

79 God - The Judge 10/30/2009 Lanier

Have you ever seen a time when justice was denied? Disregarded? Ignored? That is NOT the kind of judge that Paul understands God to be. It is not the kind of justice that God practices. His justice is not for sale; he is not swayed by the powerful; he does not need to be re-elected.

This week, we turn to consider Paul’s theology on God as Judge as we examine Paul on God – Part 3.

80 God - Transcendent And Immanent 10/30/2009 Lanier

Where is God? Have you ever asked that question? You can’t see him. You can’t touch him. But he is there. In fact, he is more than just ‘there’. God exists not only within the universe, but he also exists independently outside of the universe and outside of space and time. Two terms describe this for us: the immanence of God and the transcendence of God.

Today, in our fourth lesson on Paul’s teaching on God we consider Paul’s theology of God as Creator, as a being both transcendent to the universe and yet also immanent. These are words and concepts worth knowing, so let’s get started!

81 The Pre-existent Christ 10/30/2009 Lanier What does Paul teach, directly or indirectly, about the “preexistent” Christ? What does it mean that Jesus was “in the form of God?” Is He truly in “the image of the invisible God” and how could He exist for all time and still be “the firstborn of all creation?”

Join us as we discover the truth of the preexistent Christ! This is our first part of the lesson series on Paul’s theology of Christ.
82 Jesus - Fully God 10/30/2009 Riling Jesus. Was he man? Was he God? Was he both? How would you answer? How would you answer in light of Paul's quote from the Old Testament 'Yet for us there is one God, the Father, from whom are all things and for whom we exist, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom are all things and through whom we exist.' ?

Explore the rich depths of this subject as we explore what Paul and the Bible says about who Jesus really is! 

Part two of our lesson set on Paul’s theology of Christ.
83 Jesus - Paul's Participatory Language 10/30/2009 Richard Christ in us; us in Christ. Jesus introduced this concept to the disciples during their final evening together before his arrest. Paul was clear on this truth that while we live on earth as Christians, we are not alone. In a real sense, Christ lives within us and we live within him. This is true on a personal as well as a corporate (church) level. Scholars sometimes call this our participation in Christ, and his participation in us!

Join us as we look to the Bible to study what the scholars call Paul’s “participatory language!" Part three on Paul’s theology of Christ.
84 The Faith Of Christ 10/30/2009 Lanier

Prepositions. Do they really matter? How might their use change the meaning of a sentence or phrase?

Seven times in six verses Paul writes about the “faith of Christ.” Does Paul mean our faith in Christ or does he mean the faith that Christ has? Scholars around the globe are debating this issue. We join that debate today in our fourth installment of Paul’s theology on Christ.

85 Jesus The Christ 10/30/2009 Lanier

Time breeds familiarity, and with familiarity we begin to take for granted those things that were once fresh and new. You're probably doing that right now as you read this on a computer whose technology didn't even exist a generation ago!

For many of us, that has occurred with the label “Christ.” “Christ” is used so often in the Bible, the uninitiated might think it the last name of Jesus!

As we study Paul, we properly stop and ask what it is about the term that was so important to Paul. Why does Paul repeatedly call Jesus the Christ? Why does the label “Christ” flow so effortlessly from Paul’s lips as he dictated his letters? Join us as we consider this in our fifth lesson on Paul’s theology of Christ.

86 The Holy Spirit #1 02/14/2007 Lanier 52
87 The Holy Spirit #2 02/14/2007 Lanier 51
88 The Holy Spirit #3 02/14/2007 Lanier 50
89 The Holy Spirit #4 02/14/2007 Lanier 49
90 The Trinity #1 02/14/2007 Lanier 48
91 The Trinity #2 02/14/2007 Lanier 47
92 Scripture #1 02/14/2007 Lanier 46
93 Scripture #2 02/14/2007 Lanier 45
94 Scripture #3 02/14/2007 Lanier 44
95 Scripture #4 02/14/2007 Lanier 43
96 Law #1 02/14/2007 Mickey 42
97 Law #2 02/14/2007 Lanier 41
98 Law #3 02/14/2007 Lanier 40
99 Salvation - The Call 02/14/2007 Lanier 39
100 Salvation - Metaphors: Justifed 02/14/2007 Lanier 38
101 Salvation - Metaphors: Adopted & Reckoned 02/14/2007 Lanier 37
102 Salvation - Metaphors: Redeemed 10/30/2009 Lanier 36
103 Salvation - Metaphors: Propitiation 10/30/2009 Lanier 35
104 Salvation - Predestination 10/30/2009 Lanier

Did you choose God or did He choose you?

Though the debate has existed for centuries, today we take a fresh approach to discover what God, through Paul, has to say about it! Together we will discover why Paul wrote what he did, what it means and what it doesn’t mean. Perhaps you’ll find Paul has already answered some of our 21st century questions ! This and much more as we seek to examine Paul’s words on predestination, in part four of a four part series on Paul’s theology of salvation!

105 Sanctification 10/30/2009 Lanier Trapped? Feel like you can't get away from sin? Or worse yet, can’t overcome it? You're not alone! Paul had those same feelings, and today we explore that very topic - sanctification! What does it mean, and how are we really set free to live a holy life that is honoring to God? Those questions and more, as we study Paul and sanctification! 33
106 Guidance And Discerning God's Will 10/30/2009 Lanier 32
107 Evangelism 02/14/2007 Riling

Evangelism - what is the biblical way to do it? You might be surprised by the examples found in the life and writings of the Apostle Paul!

Join us as we explore the topic that can bring one of the greatest joys in life - telling others about Jesus!

108 Ethics #1 11/13/2009 Lanier 30
109 Ethics #2 11/13/2009 Lanier 29
110 Paul And Suffering 11/13/2009 Riling 28
111 Paul And Prayer 10/30/2009 Riling 27
112 Ethics #3 11/13/2009 Lanier 26
113 Anthropological Terms - Heart #1 02/14/2007 Lanier 25
114 Anthropological Terms - Body #2 02/14/2007 Lanier 24
115 Fellowship 02/14/2007 Lanier 23
116 Anthropological Terms - Spirit #3 02/14/2007 Lanier 22
117 Paul And Spiritual Warfare 10/30/2009 Riling 21
118 Anthropological Terms - Flesh #4a 02/14/2007 Lanier 20
119 Anthropological Terms - Flesh #4b 02/14/2007 Lanier 19
120 Anthropological Terms - Soul 02/14/2007 Lanier 18
121 Anthropological Terms - The Composite Man 02/14/2007 Lanier 17
122 Prayer 10/30/2009 Lanier 16
123 Church - Overview 02/14/2007 Lanier 15
124 Church - Israel 02/14/2007 Lanier 14
125 Church - It's Purpose 02/14/2007 Lanier 13
126 Church - It's Structure 02/14/2007 Lanier 12
127 Church -the Role Of Women, # 1 02/14/2007 Lanier 11
128 Church -the Role Of Women, # 2 02/14/2007 Lanier 10
129 Paul And Baptism 12/08/2009 Lanier 9
130 Paul And The Lord's Supper 12/18/2009 Lanier 8
131 Christmas 12/28/2009 Lanier 7
132 Paul And Money And Possessions 01/10/2010 Hearn 6
133 Paul And Gifts # 1 01/10/2010 Lanier 5
134 Paul And Gifts # 2 01/20/2010 Lanier 4
135 Paul And Gifts # 3 02/01/2010 Lanier 3
136 Paul And Gifts # 4 02/01/2010 Lanier 2
137 Paul And The Maturing Christian 02/09/2010 Lanier 1