Series: Interviews

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Title Presentation Date Speaker Handouts Slides Audio Video Full Lesson Synopsis
1263 Can We Trust the Gospels? Interview with Peter Williams 12/17/2018 Mark Lanier Mark hosts Dr. Peter Williams from Cambridge who, leads Tyndale House, place of scholarly study and ministry - TyndaleHouse.com. Peter has a passion for language and explains how enlightening it is to study the Bible in multiple languages. Peter also shares about his family, William Tyndale whom Tyndale House is named, and a project he’s directing for Museum of the Bible in D.C. He concludes in talking about the compelling research that went into his book CAN WE TRUST THE GOSPELS. 2
1264 Interview of Dr. Fred Sanders 10/21/2018 Mark Lanier Mark interviewed Dr. Fred Sanders, Ph.D.in Systematic Theology. Dr. Sanders offered humorous yet soul-searching answers regarding his journey to become a Christian theologian. He is the only Christian theologian who is a cartoonist. Dr. Sanders graduated with an undergraduate degree in art. He pursued his interest in theology and obtained his doctorate from Berkley. Listen to Dr. Sanders explain how the Christian Trinity and Gospel go together: the Christian doctrine of God exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Dr. Sanders also demonstrated valuable teaching in the various heresy of who is the Holy Spirit.   3
1266 Interview with Dr. Andrew MacIntosh 02/25/2018 Mark Lanier Mark interviewed Professor Andrew Macintosh of St John's College, Cambridge University England as guest speaker. He is one of the world's leading authorities of Hebrew and has written a commentary on Hosea. Listen to Professor Macintosh's insightful and sometimes humorous responses and comments to Mark's questions. 5
1265 Q&A Interview with Vicar Melvin Tinker 07/08/2018 W. Mark Lanier This week Mark interviewed Vicar Melvin Tinker from St. John Newland in Hull, England, a frequent guest of the Biblical Literacy class. Vicar Tinker didn't grow up in a Christian home. His first encounter with Christians was at age 16. This began a spiritual journey, and he became a Christian in his late teens. He met his wife while attending Hull University. Later he did his graduate work at Oxford. Vicar Tinker became an ordained minister of the Anglican church and currently serves his evangelical congregation in Hull, England where he also continues to write theological books. Listen to Vicar Tinker talk about his faith, family, and the future of God's people. 4
1289 Interview with Dr. Gary Habermas 03/24/2019 Mark Lanier Mark interviewed Dr. Gary Habermas, Professor at Liberty University. Dr. Habermas writes and speaks about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The interview focuses on three areas: Dr. Habermas’s personal life, interests, and suggestions to enrich our lives. Dr. Habermas grew up in Detroit, Michigan where he received his education and his Phd in Apologetics. Initially he was a skeptic. Learn how he moved from this thought to a believer. He is currently working on his magnum opus about the resurrection. The project began 5 years ago and is currently at 4,500 pages. 1