Series: Revelation

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Title Presentation Date Speaker Handouts Slides Audio Video Full Lesson Synopsis
1561 Session 1, A Study in Revelation; Apocalyptic 01/07/2024 Mark Lanier Mark began the New Year with a new series on The Study of Revelation, a focused study. The book has varying points of view, but Mark will teach from his perspective after life long study. Revelation is a part of the apocalyptic genre, a type of writing, that involves discerning divine secrets by dreams, visions, and/or angelic explanation. Mark had three points in today’s lesson. 1. Apocalyptic overview: deals with the past, present, and future, and features symbolism, numerology, warring angels and demons, end times, and new age. 2. Apocalyptic books: Biblical and pseudepigraphal. 3. Points for home: a.There are treasures in God’s Word b.We seek knowledge and understanding c.God loves you Listen to Mark begin to explore the apocalyptic genre, what it means, and what we can look forward to in future lessons. 6
1563 Session 2, A look at Daniel as a Key in understanding Revelations 01/21/2024 Mark Lanier Listen to Mark explore the Old Testament and other writings that show the ancient peoples' understanding of apocalyptic writing. Mark continued with a Study in Revelation sharing a brief review of the foundation class from two weeks ago. He encouraged the class to not be afraid of Revelation; we have this. The book of Revelation is apocalyptic, which means it uses dreams, visions, and symbols. Mark expanded on typical features of apocalyptic writings both Biblical and non - biblical writings including those contemporary with the time of Jesus. Points for home: - Christ is the center of life - Understanding this book co mes with a blessing - We rightly praise Jesus as we read and understand this book Listen to Mark explore the Old Testament and other writings that show the ancient peoples' understanding of apocalyptic writing 5
1564 Session 3, Study in Revelations continues 01/28/2024 Mark Lanier 1/28/24 Biblical Literacy Mark continued with Lesson 3 in the Study in Revelation series setting the stage to dig deeper in study. He divided the lesson into three sections then share some Points for home: 1. Review of past two lessons: the Bible as a library, the apocalyptic genre, and apocalyptic traits. 2. Approach to studying Revelation: how to understand symbols and how the book flows. 3. Study of first 3 verses of Revelation 1:1-3: an uncovering or revealing of Jesus Christ by Jesus. Points for home  God is bigger than I realize God cares Let’s enjoy the blessings Listen to Mark review the foundation of studying Revelation by introducing a literal and symbolic approach. 4
1565 Session 4, Study in Revelations continues with Chapter 1 moving into Chapter 2 02/04/2024 Mark Lanier 02/4/24 Mark continues the study of Revelations by going into detail about how decisions were made about which scrolls and writings were to be put into the Bible Library as we know it. Mark discussed the meaning of Canon and Canonization of the bible. Was Canon to Jesus and the Apostles? Mathew 15:3 Was Canon to the Church? Mathew 15:6 The Church’s recognition of the Canon. Acts 15 Mark then discusses the history of the Canon in some detail Mark reviews in detail: Symbolism Use of numbers 3 and 4 and 7 and 12 Angels and Demons Mark reviews Rev: 1-1-2 Points for Home: We can rely on Scripture for life God reaches all of you Rev 1:8 Let's serve our King Rev 1:6 3
1567 Session 5 , Continued and deeper look at Revelation 02/11/2024 Mark Lanier 2/11/24. Biblical - Literacy Mark continued in The Study of Revelation series with a study of the first chapter in Revelation. His lesson had three areas of focus: 1.The Exalted Christ is depicted as the Alpha and the Omega. We find that He is referenced throughout the Old and New Testaments. 2. The Setting of the Book of Revelation is more than a book John wrote on the island of Patmos, but it’s an accounting of God who was, who is, and who is to come. 3. Points for home: a.The Exalted Christ is in the center of life b.Fear is a liar c.It’s not over so live the promise Listen to Mark talk teach how the human mind cannot comprehend the depth of God’s truth, power, sovereignty, and characteristics. He highlights and expands on various passages throughout the Bible that link to the Book of Revelation. 2

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