Series: Filing through the Old Testament Minor Prophets

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Title Presentation Date Speaker Handouts Slides Audio Video Full Lesson Synopsis
1483 Chapter 1 - Old Testament Minor Prophets, Joel (pt 1) 09/04/2022 Mark Lanier Mark started a new series on The Minor Prophets beginning with the prophet Joel. Good indications suggest Joel is the earliest of the minor prophets.
  1. Historical context: Joel was likely written in 8th B.C. after Israel was divided.
  2. Biblical context: The Jews were entrusted the Word of God. The prophets are God’s speakers.
  3. We learn that Joel means Jehovah is God. God has a message for us.
Listen to Mark discuss the history of the world during Joel’s time, Israel’s importance to the Egyptian and Assyrian empires, and the word of God as spoken by the prophet Joel to the people of Israel.
1484 Chapter 2 - Old Testament Minor Prophets, Joel (pt 2) 09/11/2022 Mark Lanier Mark continued teaching the series on Minor Prophets with Joel - Part II. He divided the lesson into three parts.
  1. Before the hinge: Joel 1:1-2-11 Joel is one of God’s speakers for His message.
  2. The hinge: Joel 2-12-17 Return to Me wholeheartedly, repent, and rend your heart.
  3. After the hinge: Joel 2:19-27 God’s blessings for repentant people. God's spirit will fall on believers. Pentecost: Acts 2:16-21
Mark concludes with Points for Home as he recaps the words of God through Joel and the application for today.
1485 Chapter 3 - Old Testament Minor Prophets, Jonah (pt 1) 09/18/2022 Mark Lanier Mark continued his series on the minor prophets with study of Jonah. Mark provided critical insight into Jonah’s life and the historical context. Jonah’s job was a prophet counselor to King Jeroboam II c793 BC before God directed him to Nineveh and call the people to repentance. Instead, of obeying God’s new job, Jonah flees via boat in the opposite direction to Tarshish. Mark taught that we are to live life as a job: life is work. God has work for us to do, and we can’t run from God. We are to seek God’s presence in thankfulness and praise, even when our life's job is not what we want. Psalm 95:2 and Psalm 100:2 3
1486 Chapter 4 - Old Testament Minor Prophets, Jonah (pt 2) 09/25/2022 Mark Lanier Mark continued with the study of the Minor Prophets: Part II of Jonah. Mark shares examples how “stories” have always been an important means of communication. In this lesson we learn what the story of Jonah says— Of God: God speaks! God cares about all people. God plans. God saves. Of Jonah: Disobedient. Uncaring. Out of sync with God. Miserable. Of me: Importance of growing. What are my priorities? Crisis reveals character. Listen to Mark teach of how Jonah’s struggles and challenges are similar to ours and how we can grow closer to God. 2