Series: Filing through the Old Testament Minor Prophets

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Title Presentation Date Speaker Handouts Slides Audio Video Full Lesson Synopsis
1483 Chapter 1 - Old Testament Minor Prophets, Joel (pt 1) 09/04/2022 Mark Lanier Mark started a new series on The Minor Prophets beginning with the prophet Joel. Good indications suggest Joel is the earliest of the minor prophets.
  1. Historical context: Joel was likely written in 8th B.C. after Israel was divided.
  2. Biblical context: The Jews were entrusted the Word of God. The prophets are God’s speakers.
  3. We learn that Joel means Jehovah is God. God has a message for us.
Listen to Mark discuss the history of the world during Joel’s time, Israel’s importance to the Egyptian and Assyrian empires, and the word of God as spoken by the prophet Joel to the people of Israel.
1484 Chapter 2 - Old Testament Minor Prophets, Joel (pt 2) 09/11/2022 Mark Lanier Mark continued teaching the series on Minor Prophets with Joel - Part II. He divided the lesson into three parts.
  1. Before the hinge: Joel 1:1-2-11 Joel is one of God’s speakers for His message.
  2. The hinge: Joel 2-12-17 Return to Me wholeheartedly, repent, and rend your heart.
  3. After the hinge: Joel 2:19-27 God’s blessings for repentant people. God's spirit will fall on believers. Pentecost: Acts 2:16-21
Mark concludes with Points for Home as he recaps the words of God through Joel and the application for today.
1485 Chapter 3 - Old Testament Minor Prophets, Jonah (pt 1) 09/18/2022 Mark Lanier Mark continued his series on the minor prophets with study of Jonah. Mark provided critical insight into Jonah’s life and the historical context. Jonah’s job was a prophet counselor to King Jeroboam II c793 BC before God directed him to Nineveh and call the people to repentance. Instead, of obeying God’s new job, Jonah flees via boat in the opposite direction to Tarshish. Mark taught that we are to live life as a job: life is work. God has work for us to do, and we can’t run from God. We are to seek God’s presence in thankfulness and praise, even when our life's job is not what we want. Psalm 95:2 and Psalm 100:2 25
1486 Chapter 4 - Old Testament Minor Prophets, Jonah (pt 2) 09/25/2022 Mark Lanier Mark continued with the study of the Minor Prophets: Part II of Jonah. Mark shares examples how “stories” have always been an important means of communication. In this lesson we learn what the story of Jonah says— Of God: God speaks! God cares about all people. God plans. God saves. Of Jonah: Disobedient. Uncaring. Out of sync with God. Miserable. Of me: Importance of growing. What are my priorities? Crisis reveals character. Listen to Mark teach of how Jonah’s struggles and challenges are similar to ours and how we can grow closer to God. 24
1487 Chapter 5 - Old Testament Minor Prophets, Jonah (pt 3) 10/02/2022 Mark Lanier 10-2-22 Biblical-Literacy Mark continued with the study of the Minor Prophets and week 3 of Jonah. Mark showed us in today’s lesson that characters drive a good story. In the 47 verses of Jonah, we not only see Jonah in action but the sailors, the Ninevites, and Jesus. Sailors: each cried out to their own god for deliverance from the storm. Ninevites: they were receptive due to the Holy Spirit’s call to repent due to plagues, revolts, and an eclipse of the sun. Jesus: shows us humility. Jonah personifies disobedient Israel, and Jesus represents obedient Israel.

Mark wraps up with these Points for Home: 1. Why do the Jews read Jonah during Yom Kippur? 2. Where does your fear drive you?

  1. The importance of growing.
1489 Chapter 6 - Old Testament Minor Prophets, Obadiah (pt 1) 10/16/2022 Mark Lanier 10-16-22 Biblical-Literacy Mark returned to teaching on the minor prophets with the study of Obadiah. Listen to Mark explore Obadiah with insights into Israel’s culture at the time as he reveals powerful truths from the one chapter book: God is the present tense. He not a territorial God. God is 100 percent reliable. We enjoy a musical treat from Phil Keaggy based on Mark’s lyrics concerning Obadiah. Points for home include: 1) We all have a long way to go to find the holiness of God. 2) We aren’t fooling God. 3) Let’s get serious about our faith. 22
1490 Chapter 7 - Old Testament Minor Prophets, Amos (pt 1) 10/23/2022 Dr. David Capes

Dr. David Capes taught today in the continuing study of the Minor Prophets with an introduction to Amos. The prophet Amos was a shepherd and a man of means in the 8th century BC. He prophesied the future of the northern kingdom Israel by speaking to the people what God revealed. He spoke of judgment coming against Israel and other neighboring countries and why. Although Amos’ words highlighted doom and gloom, Dr. Capes teaches, through the words of the prophet Amos, there is wisdom in obedience to God.

Points for home: 1) The Bible contains judgment and promise. 2) God is God over all people. 3) Obedience brings blessings.  
1491 Chapter 8 - Old Testament Minor Prophets, Amos (pt 2) 10/30/2022 Mark Lanier

Mark Lanier continued with the study of The Minor Prophets - Part II of Amos.

Mark shared extensive historical context and background. Amos was from Judah in the eighth century. His occupation was a breeder of cattle/sheep, a traveling consultant and dresser of figs. Mark also identified passages in Amos which speak of God’s judgment on Israel the northern kingdom. Finally in Points for Home: 1) You and I live on a timeline. 2) Do we hear the word of the Lord? 3) How do we know we are listening to God’s word? Listen to Mark explain the historical and cultural difference between Judah and Israel and how God intends for us to live today.
1493 Chapter 9 - Old Testament Minor Prophets, Amos (pt 3) 11/13/2022 Mark Lanier Mark continued in the study of the Minor Prophets with the final lesson on Amos. Mark focused on passages in Amos that reflected when they were written and what we can learn from those passages today. God’s word is inerrant, meaning no error. His Word is written exactly as He intended. Mark explained that we all look for Confrontation bias— confirmation that supports what we already believe. Listen to Mark expound on Scripture passages that shows us how to honor life. We are good at seeing sin in others but not in ourselves. God opposes the proud and haughty but helps the humble. We are on our own road to Jericho. 19
1494 Chapter 10 - Old Testament Minor Prophets, Amos (pt 4) 11/20/2022 Mark Lanier 11-20-22 Biblical-Literacy Mark continued the study of Amos in the Minor Prophets Series.today’s lesson focused on important passages in Amos.The Hebrew biblical language has only 6,000 to 7,000 words.Compare that with the average English speaking person who knows 20,000 to 30,000 words.The realm of meaning for a Hebrew word contains many similes and metaphors according to what the writer intended.Improperly translating the Hebrew can lead to Scripture taken out of context and the original meaning lost. In reading Amos, and all Scripture, we should understand the context and lifestyle. It can often result in surprising results. 18
1497 Chapter 11 - Old Testament Minor Prophets, Amos (pt 5) 11/27/2022 Pastor David Fleming Pastor David Fleming continued the study in the Minor Prophets with Amos 5 & 6. His lesson contained three points: 1. What time is it? A time of peace and prosperity for Israel, but lamentations are coming. Time for God to stop the party. God is continually working out His plan and purpose. 2. What do we do? The faithful seek God and live. He is not the one lost or hiding. 3. What if we don’t? God will take away His blessings. Our pride is our undoing. Listen to Pastor Fleming share that now is the time to seek God with an open heart and live. How we treat others is a direct reflection of how we feel about God. Seek God and seek good. 17
1501 Chapter 12, Old Testament Minor Prophets, Hosea (pt 1) 01/08/2023 Mark Lanier

Mark continued The Minor Prophets series with an initial look at the book of Hosea. The Bible and Prophets are about God using people and language to communicate to humanity. Today's focus was with metaphors. Metaphors make us think.

- Metaphors in Hosea applied to the people then with their culture and language. - Choices matter - Points for home 1. Wherever you are in life, make God the center. 2. There's either the easy way or the hard way. 3. You reap what you sow. Listen to Mark teach the value of metaphors in Hosea. People infused with the Holy Spirit can better understand the will of God. Join us Sundays at 9:30am CST! Links below: YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCfocCxLc8BFCta-NO4JkTcA?view_as=subscriber CFBC Website: championforest.org/worship/watch/biblit.php
1502 Chapter 13, Old Testament Minor Prophets, Hosea (pt 2) 01/15/2023 Mark Lanier
1-15-23 Biblical-Literacy Mark continued in the Minor Prophets Series with Part II of Hosea on metaphors. God uses all forms of communication, and metaphors link one idea to another. Use of agricultural related metaphors in Hosea show we reap what we sow. Some household metaphors reflect the tenderness of God. Points for home: What is sowing in your garden? Be touched by His tender love. How intense is your faith in God?   Listen to Mark teach how God used the culture of the people in1-15-23 Biblical-Literacy Mark continued in the Minor Prophets Series with Part II of Hosea on metaphors. God uses all forms of communication, and metaphors link one idea to another. Use of agricultural related metaphors in Hosea show we reap what we sow. Some household metaphors reflect the tenderness of God. Points for home: What is sowing in your garden? Be touched by His tender love. How intense is your faith in God?   Listen to Mark teach how God used the culture of the people in in Hosea to communicate His Word thru the prophet.
1504 Chapter 14, Old Testament Minor Prophets, Hosea (pt 3) 01/29/2023 Mark Lanier Mark completed the study of Hosea in the Study of the Minor Prophets series with a focus of God going to trial with the Israelites. Trials in Israel at the time needed two to three witnesses for a capital offense - ones punishable by death. In Hosea, God takes Israel to court because Israel has broken covenant with God and committed adultery. Points for home: Time out. God wants best for you. God isn’t blind to what we do. Don’t miss the interweaving of law and grace. 14
1508 Chapter 16, Old Testament Minor Prophets, Micah. (pt2) 02/12/2023 Mark Lanier 2-12-23 Biblical-Lit Mark moved forward in the Study of Minor Prophets with the second lesson in Micah. Todays lesson had 3 points 1. A story of bookends Who is like Yahweh? Nobody is like the Lord 2. The meat of the sandwich God is the witness Israel was warned, and God was not amused. 3. Points for home Expect the unexpected. Is 55:8 Remember the bookends. God pardons iniquity Listen to Mark teach how God pays attention to what we do, warns, disciplines, and restores His people. 12
1507 Chapter 15, Old Testament Minor Prophets, Micah. (pt1) 02/05/2023 Dr.David Capes 2-5-23 Biblical LiteracyDr. David Capes continued in the Minor Prophets series by introducing Micah. Dr. Capes gave us the 30,000 foot view of Micah, including the history and setting. He continued with various oracles forSamaria showing judgment and the hope and promise of restoration in a world that recognizes God as God. Dr. Capes show how Micah warned the people of how God would destroy the people for their disobedience and violence.In the points for home, Dr. Capes emphasized that disobedience to God brings hardship, and obedience brings blessing. Divine judgment is not just a problem in the Old Testament, nor is divine restoration only in the New Testament. Thankfully we have the hope of a new world coming. 13
1509 Chapter 17, Old Testament Minor Prophets, Micah. (pt3) 02/19/2023 Mark Lanier Mark continued the Study of the Minor Prophets with the book of Micah. He characterized Micah as a concept book focusing on three aspects: 1. Authenticity: Good and evil lead to different places. Micah is authentic to this reality.  2. Justice:  Justice is more than a courtroom. Justice is part of God’s character. Micah understood good and evil and how it applied to life. Consistency is key. 3. Promise: God is on the other side of every door. Jesus is the promised one. Listen to Mark explain that we have nothing to fear with God on our side. God will bring purity and peace. His resume is perfect. We are people of the book and should understand authenticity and truth and how it applies to our lives today. Do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with your God. 11
1514 Chapter 18, Old Testament Minor Prophets, Nahum. (pt1) 03/12/2023 Mark Lanier Note: Last week's lesson from Feb 26 was not published due to technical difficulties. It was addressed in this week's lesson. Summary: Mark Lanier continued the study of the Minor Prophets with Nahum. An oracle to Nineveh in the Assyrian Empire. Mark reviewed:
  1. What in the world was going on? The reign of Ashurbanipal - 668-627 BC called himself the King of the World, the King of the Underworld. He had military might, great cities, postal system, and Eunuch’s as governors. God prophesied thru Nahum his kingdom would be destroyed.
  2. How did Nahum plug in? He prophesied the destruction of Nineveh. God considered Ashurbanipal vile, contemptible, and a lightweight. Nahum quotes Isaiah in 1:15
  3. Points for home - History is developed one day at a time. Keep the faith. - God doesn’t tolerate evil. Let’s seek God’s will on earth as it is in heaven.
Listen to Mark teach us how to keep the faith, trust and obey, and be authentic followers of God.
1516 Chapter 19, Old Testament Minor Prophets, Zephaniah. (pt1) 03/19/2023 Dr. David Capes Dr. David Capes delivered an overview of Zephaniah in the Study of The Minor Prophets. Zepaniah's name means God has hidden. Names that contain the name of God, those ending in iah or el, are theophoric. Zephaniah prophesied during the reign of King Josiah in 640-630 BC. Dr. Capes focused on three areas:
  1. Oracles against nations - who have sinned against God. Utter destruction of creation.
  2. Oracles against Judah - I will destroy all idolatry and the people who have turned against God.
  3. Vision of hope - Restoration and hope for Jerusalem.
Points for home: 1. Obedience to God brings blessings and disobedience brings hardship. 2. The God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament is the same. 3. God hates idolatry and will punish those who practice it. 4. Every empire and superpower is one generation from collapse and become the dust of history. 5. Seek the Lord while He may be found. Humble yourself. 6. In days to come, there is a new world coming. Listen to David offer hope to those who seek, trust, and hold fast to God.
1519 Chapter 22, Old Testament Minor Prophets, Haggai. (pt1) 04/16/2023 Dr. David Fleming Biblical Literacy -4-16-23 Dr. David Fleming taught the book of Haggai as part of the Study of Minor Prophets. A book only 2 chapters in length not of Haggai’s opinion but God’s word to his people thru the prophet.The context of Haggai was during the reign of King Darius who allowed the Jews in Babylon to return to Jerusalem from exile, but they are dissatisfied. Themes included:
  1. God speaks -a time to line up our ways with Him
  2. Consider your ways -misplaced priorities. Jesus?
  3. Go and Do -Put God first and step out of your comfort zone.
  4. He is with you
  5. God is faithful
Points for Home in today’s context:
  1. What did God say to you?
  2. Go and do it.
  3. The Lord will be with you.
Listen to Dr. Fleming share how God’s words to the Israelites apply to us today. Through God’s love, mercy, forgiveness, persistent faithfulness, and sovereignty, He has the ability to get us to the finish line.
1517 Chapter 20, Old Testament Minor Prophets, Zephaniah. (pt2) 03/26/2023 Mark Lanier Mark discusses passages in the book of Zephaniah. Lesson objectives include: 1. Looking at the passages in a different way 2. Apply the passages to me and you 3. Wash, Rinse and repeat Zephaniah 1:1 Mark breaks down the meaning of each name and why the name Zephaniah is followed by his family linage and how the Name of God is incorporated in the name. Key point is, make a name for yourself by how you live. Bring Glory to God by how you live. Zephaniah 1:2-3 God wants to “Clean you up” in ways you never dreamed. How will you know when he is finished? Zephaniah 1:4-6 Mark discusses, if you were going through four doors which door would you choose. Flu. Covid. Cancer. Good Health Mark discusses how this passage identifies what is behind the doors of life and which door God expects us to open and live a Godly life. Zephaniah !:7 Mark explains what the meaning of this passage with reference to being silent. It is not what you might think. Points for home: Zephaniah 3:1-2 Instruction about people Homework. 1. No rebellion 2. Listen to God 3. Accept Correction 4. Trust God! 5. Draw nearer to Him 8
1518 Chapter 21, Old Testament Minor Prophets, Habakkuk . (pt1) 04/02/2023 Mark Lanier Apr 6, 2023 Mark continued the study of the Minor Prophets with the book of Habakkuk. Mark started his review of Habakkuk with some context. Neither the writer nor the date of Habakkuk is known, leaving the reader to also question why, how, and where. Jesus and other New Testament writers quoted from Habakkuk. He continued analyzing the dialogue. We learn that Habakkuk protests against God. We read a cry for help, protest against violence, and why is the evil happening. It is acceptable to bring a sincere heart to the Lord. Jesus cries out God in the garden of Gethsemane. He questions God - Why are You allowing this evil to happen? God was getting Easter ready. Victory is at the end. The righteous will live by faith. Points for home: God knows what is going on in our lives. He cares, listens, and loves. I will rejoice in the Lord and take joy in my salvation. God is my strength. He makes me tread in high places. Trust with patience for God’s timing. 7
1520 Chapter 23, The Old Testament Minor Prophets wrap up with Zechariah. 04/23/2023 Mark Lanier 4-23-23 Biblical-Literacy Mark continued the study of the Minor Prophets with the book of Zechariah. Today he provided an overview of the book written around 518 BC sharing:
  1. Historical context: God relates to amazing people to reflect His image. When humanity fell from God, He promised a male redeemer from the offspring of Eve. Throughout the Old Testament, God promises a Messiah. He is faithful despite our unfaithfulness.
  2. Key passages:  Zechariah 1:1-17 reveals the prophet’s name means "God remembers and will take action." God says return to me, and I will return to you.
  3. Points for home: We need God to be the God of our past, present, and future.
Listen to Mark teach that our God longs to be our God of yesterday, today, and tomorrow to grow us into what He wants to be.
1521 Chapter 24, The Old Testament Minor Prophets; Zechariah's very important prophecies about Jesus. 04/30/2023 Dr. David Capes Biblical-Literacy 4-30-23 Dr. David Capes taught from the book of Zechariah as part of the Study of the Minor Prophets series. We were reminded that the prophet’s name Zechariah means "God remembers”. David divided the lesson:
  1. Define Messiah: The one who is anointed; Christ—the one who is anointed; the anointed one; Liberating Jesus. God would return to be king.
  2.  Matthew’s use of Zechariah: The New Testament quotes Zechariah 66 times. Dr. Capes showed four of the passages in Matthew.
  3. “On that day” Chapters 12-14 prophecies of the end times:
  • The Lord will be King.
  • Jerusalem will be victorious.
  • The Lord will shield the inhabitants of Israel.
  • All nations seek to destroy Israel will be destroyed.
  • Jerusalem will be forgiven.
  1. Points for home:
  • The work of the Messiah is also the work of the Messiah’s people.
  • Who is Jesus - a most unusual King.
  • We are to follow His example.
Listen to Dr. Capes explain how Zechariah revealed the origin of the Messiah -and- Christology.    
1522 Chapter 25, The Old Testament Minor Prophets; Continuing in Zechariah. 05/07/2023 Mark Lanier Biblical - Literacy May 7, 2023 Mark continued with Zechariah in The Minor Prophets series. Scripture is for all people for all times, pointing to Jesus as the Bread of life. Mark focused on various passages in Zechariah : to read them, understanding them, and apply them to our lives. God is at work in us and for us, which means we need get to work with God. Listen to Mark show us that we are the apple of God’s eye. He is the ultimate cleaner of our souls. Let us sing and rejoice. 3
1523 Chapter 26, The Old Testament Minor Prophets; Continuing in Zechariah. 05/14/2023 Mark Lanier 5-14-23 Biblical-Literacy Mark completed the book of Zechariah in the Study of the Minor Prophets. He offered a three-step approach to looking at Zechariah: read the passage, understand it, and apply it to our lives. Mark discussed dark passages which are there for a reason and not to be scanned over. He shared evil has no place among God’s people. Jesus is Lord of all, and He came to dwell with His people. Listen to Mark teach how we are not to live in darkness but in the presence of the Lord. Trust the Father to take care of us with light and life. 2
1525 Chapter 27, The Old Testament Minor Prophets; Concludes with Malachi. 05/28/2023 Mark Lanier 05/28/2023 Chapter 27, The Old Testament Minor Prophets; Concludes with Malachi.In this last Book of the Minor Prophets , Mark addresses the book of Malachi with respect to, 1.Background 2.Book 3.Points for home The Background is an extensive review of the history of the middle east as seen today and what it looked like from the days of Abraham, as he walks us through the Exodus, the 12 tribes and their linage, David and Solomon, the Divided Kingdom, the Assyrian Conquest of Israel and the Babylonian Conquest of Judah. He addressed the return from exile. He then addressed the people and their work in Judah, to rebuild the Temple. One would wonder what the population of Judah was that could rebuild such a massive structure. Mark addresses that. Mark then discusses Malachi’s “Place in the Bible”. We know it is the last book in the Old Testament, King James version of the Bible, but where is it in the Hebrew version and why. The Book Addresses several verses in Malachi and Mark details the expectation of the Lord, with respect to what the Lord has given them and what he expects in return. Some of the specifics are how believers should Honor their father, offering of polluted food, how you should behave when no one is watching, and describes the full meaning of tithe and more. Malachi definitely reveals what God, the Lord, would do if the people did not follow his teachings and expectations. Point for Home. Zephaniah 3:17-19 Hear the God of Love Be authentic, have faith. 1