Series: Snapshots of Jesus, Gospel of Mark

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Title Presentation Date Speaker Handouts Slides Audio Video Full Lesson Synopsis
1444 Chapter 1- Snapshots of Jesus as Seen Throughout the Gospels; Gospel of Mark: 01/09/2022 Mark Lanier Mark began a new series titled Snapshots of Jesus as seen throughout the Gospels. Today focused on the Gospel of Mark. This New Testament synoptic Gospel is not  written in chronological order. Rather the stories of Jesus are repeated themes for the reader to contrast and compare. The first thirteen verses of the Gospel of Mark are written from God’s perspective followed by verses that reflect man’s bewilderment at Jesus’ teachings. Today’s lesson reviews three aspects: the writer's Perspective, Greek/Roman influence, and the Biblical concept. 15
1447 Chapter 2, Snapshots of Jesus; How do you see Jesus 01/23/2022 Mark Lanier Mark continued with the series, Snapshots of Jesus from the Gospel of Mark. This week’s topic was “How Do You See Jesus?” Mark had three lenses for us to grasp: 1. Who is Jesus? He is the Son of God. 2. Jesus in the midst of spiritual warfare. Jesus came to destroy evil. 3. Don’t miss Him. Have faith and trust in The Son of God. Listen to Mark teach on how to see Jesus beyond His role as our Lord and Savior. He is the holy One of God, the One who makes us clean. 14
1448 Chapter 3 - Snapshots of Jesus, What's the significance of Jesus as the 01/30/2022 Mark Lanier Mark continued with Snapshots of Jesus from the Gospel of Mark. Today’s topic: What is the Significance of the references to "Son of Man” throughout the Bible? The Gospel of Mark mentions Jesus as the Son of Man fourteen times. During biblical times, culture used the term to show a man was known as son of man (Name of man, son of Name-of-the-father). In the Old Testament, son of man was reference 107 times, meaning me or people themselves. In Daniel 7:13, the term takes on apocalyptic meaning or prophecy of Jesus.   In the Gospel of Mark, son of man can be categorized as either:   Present activity of Jesus Sufferings of Jesus Future Vindication   Listen to Mark explain the significance of Jesus as the Son of Man. We want to see Jesus, so we can praise Him, and follow Him. 13
1449 Chapter 4 - Snapshots of Jesus as seen through the Gospels; Gospel of Mark 02/06/2022 Mark Lanier Mark continued Snapshots of Jesus from the Gospel of Mark asking the question: Where are you headed in life? Mark began the lesson with the definition of the Greek word hodos, which has three meanings that are used throughout the Bible: 1) a way for traveling or moving from one place to another, way, road, or highway 2) the act of traveling, way, trip, journey 3) a way of behavior or the course of life. The Gospel of Mark used hodos, translated this way 16 times. Life is a unique journey that we make when we choose to follow Jesus. The way: 1. Path or road - the physical road we walk 2. Way of life - the Christian way is one of practical, everyday trust and faith. 3. Christ is the way of salvation. Listen to Mark teach how the Greek word Hodos or the way applies to followers of Christ today. 2-6-22 Biblical-Literacy 12
1453 Chapter 7 - Snapshots of Jesus as seen through the Gospels, Gospel of Mark 02/27/2022 Mark Lanier Mark continued teaching Snapshots of Jesus from the Gospel of Mark. Today’s lesson was titled How Do You Walk Through Life? Mark 4:35-41 presents a crescendo of Jesus’ four miracles— 1. Defeats Nature: Jesus calmed the sea. We see the humanity of the weary Jesus and His divine power. 2. Defeats Demons: Jesus casts out a legion of demons and sent them into pigs and drowns them. 3. Defeats Sickness: The healing of Jairus’s twelve-year-old daughter and the woman with a discharge of blood for twelve years. 4. Defeats Death: Jesus raises a twelve-year-old girl from the dead. Listen to Mark share insights of these four miracles. No power can withstand the Kingdom of God or the Lord 9
1452 Chapter 6 - Snapshots of Jesus, Worldview, as seen Throughout the Gospels; Gospel of Mark 02/20/2022 Brent Johnson In this chapter of Snapshots of Jesus, Pastor Brent Johnson discusses the idea of Biblical Worldview. He provides a definition for “World View, as “an understanding of the world, which informs one’s fundamental beliefs and assumptions, which builds a framework of ideas & attitudes about the world and how it works.” It is informed by your upbringing, your culture, your religion. Brent in his discussion addresses topics and questions that are reflected in our World View: 1. What is the prime reality? 2. Origin 3. Destiny 4. Purpose 5. Morality He continues by referring to several World Views, but his focus is the World View of “Theism,” which is what Christianity is associated with. Brent also addresses the difference between Christian World View and the Biblical World View, and specifically discusses the Biblical view of the Kingdom of God, Evangelism, Communing with God and revealing the laws. Biblical references: Luke17:20-21, Luke4:42-44, Mark1:14-15, John3:3-8 10
1451 Chapter 5 - Snapshots of Jesus, Challenges To Jesus 02/13/2022 David Capes Biblical-Literacy 2-13-22 Dr DavId Capes continued as guest teacher in the Snapshots of Jesus series from the Gospel of Mark. Today’s focus was How do you see Jesus? In the Gospel of Mark ,we see Jesus locked in conflict. In chapters 5 and 6, we see three accusations and Jesus’ response to each. 1. Friend of sinners. Those who are well have no need of a physician. 2 Lord of the Sabbath - the sabbath was made for man. 3. Has all authority in heaven and earth. Listen to Dr. Capes share how culture and age affect how Jesus was praised, criticized, and condemned because the people didn’t understand His mission. 11
1458 Chapter 8 - Snapshots of Jesus as seen through the Gospels, Gospel of Mark 03/13/2022 Mark Lanier Mark completes Snapshots of Jesus from the Book of Mark lesson series by reflecting on the spread of Christianity after the Crucifixion of Christ. The journey starts with a pictorial view of the spread of Christianity across continents and Oceans bringing us to 2021 and beyond. Mark identifies the top four countries that,to this day, continue persecution of Christians in many forms. He shows statistics that hundreds of millions of people are still in 2021 being persecuted for their religious beliefs. Mark also showed that tens of thousands of Christians are still being persecuted in various other ways including death, illegal detention, imprisonment and more. Mark then introduced two prominent historical figures who were staunch believers, willing to give their lives to have a better life in God’s Kingdom. Tertullian 155- 220 and Polycarp 69 -156. Mark discussed in detail Mark 8: 34 and 9: 1 These verses address thought of self, verses denying one’s self and following God. Mark closes by answering the question should you lose yourself in the pursuit of God. 8
1459 Chapter 9 - Snapshots of Jesus as seen through the Gospels, Gospel of Matthew 03/20/2022 Dr. David Capes Dr. David B. Capes taught for Mark this week providing an overview of the Gospel of Matthew as part of the Snapshots of Jesus series. Dr. Capes posed the question: If we knew the Old Testament well, how might it impact how we read Matthew? In Matthew 1:1, we see Jesus as: 1. Messiah - God with us, Son of Man, LORD. One who is anointed. God’s chosen anointed agent whose task is to liberate the world from disease, death, spiritual power, sin, and oppression (including religion and political). 2. Son of David - David’s kingdom will continue through the Messiah. David’s son would be on the throne of David forever. 3. Son of Abraham - Jesus is true Israel. God’s covenant with Abraham and His promise to be a blessing to all nations. We discover Matthew purposely mentions five women in the lineage of Jesus: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, wife of Uriah (Bathsheba), and Mary mother of Jesus. Jesus’ teachings demonstrate women have a new role in the kingdom of God. Outsiders have become insiders. Listen to Dr. Capes explain an overview of Jesus from the Gospel of Matthew. Jesus is the fulfiller of prophecy. God with us. 7
1460 Chapter 10 - Snapshots of Jesus as seen through the Gospels, Gospel of Matthew 03/27/2022 Mark Lanier Mark continued with Snapshots of Jesus from the Gospel of Matthew. Mark showed the similarities and distinctions between Moses the prophet and Jesus; both were commissioned to bring God’s people out of slavery. Moses was a man who communicated God’s message to His chosen people. Jesus is the Son of God who authored the message. Jesus is a willing prophet but Moses had to be convinced. Mark elaborates how the two were similar, distinct and the reasons why. Listen to Mark expound Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew, the meaning of the word blessed, and how we can listen to Jesus, choose wisely, and why we should let Him work on us on the inside to be more like Him. 6
1461 Chapter 11 - Snapshots of Jesus as seen through the Gospels, Gospel of Matthew 04/03/2022 Mark Lanier 4-3-22 Biblical Literacy Snapshots of Jesus from Matthew.   Today’s lesson focused on Matthew 15.   Mark uses a boxing match to illustrate the lesson. Round 1. Pharisees and the scribes vs the disciples not washing their hands before eating Jesus comments on what God says vs what the elders say and called them hypocrites. Round 2.   The Canaanite woman who demonstrated great faith in asking Jesus to heal her daughter. Listen to Mark discuss how the cross of Christ is a stumbling block for unbelievers and questions to ponder: Why do I come to Jesus? How am I doing on hypocrisy? What is coming out of my heart and mind? How am I handling God’s tests? 5
1462 Chapter 12, Snapshots of Jesus continues, Holyweek 04/10/2022 Mark Lanier 4-10-22 Biblical-Literacy Mark taught today on Holy Week, giving us snapshots of Jesus from the days leading to the crucifixion and Resurrection Sunday/Easter
  • Palm Sunday-The Triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. The people went out to meet Him, just as we are to meet Jesus every day.
  • Holy Monday-Jesus came as a man of peace, fulfilling Old Testament prophecy.
  • Holy Tuesday-The puzzle of God or Word of God? Jesus was pierced for our transgressions. God is a just God.
  • Holy Wednesday-Mary anoints the feet of Jesus with expensive oil. Are we giving our best to the Lord?
  • Maundy Thursday-The instruction of Jesus.  Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. He washes us clean
  • Good Friday-The day of Jesus’ crucifixion
1464 Chapter 13 - Snapshots of Jesus as seen through the Gospels, Gospel of Matthew 05/01/2022 Mark Lanier Mark introduces today’s class with a reminder of the context of the writers of Mark and Matthew with a focus on Snapshots of Jesus from the Gospel of Matthew. Mark’s Gospel was written on behalf of Peter for a largely Gentile audience, and Matthew’s Gospel was written for the Jewish people. Today Mark taught three important points about the context of Matthew: 1. Matthew as a Gospel 2. The various passages in Matthew in relation to the Jewish audience context. 3. Points for home: God loves me; God loves you; and watch God at work. Listen to Mark share how God wove His divine purpose in Matthew’s Gospel and throughout the Bible. 3
1465 Chapter 14 - Snapshots of Jesus as seen through the Gospels, Gospel of Matthew 05/08/2022 5-8-22 Biblical-Literacy Mark taught Mother’s Day: Lessons and instructions from the Sermon on the Mount - Matthew 6 as he continued Snapshots of Jesus. Manners of righteousness, the how and why.
  1. The Instruction - Matthew 6:1-4
Danger is always present. Beware of practicing righteousness in front of people. We don’t do it to be seen by them. Instead allow our reward to be from God and in heaven.
  1. The Applications - Matthew 6:5-6
Give in secret. Don’t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. Pray in secret. Practice humility. Your Father who is not seen will see and reward you. Pray with a sincere heart., not with many words. Fast in secret. May it not be seen by others. Listen to Mark summarize Jesus’ instructions for the righteous life that pleases God