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ID Title Presentation Date Speaker Handouts Slides Audio Video Full Lesson Synopsis Sort Order
Title Presentation Date Speaker Handouts Slides Audio Video Full Lesson Synopsis
499 Website Usage - Mar 2008 02/14/2007 Taylor 52
500 SE- Missions At Champion Forest - June 2008 02/14/2007 Riling 51
501 SE- Hebrews: An Interview With Edward Fudge 10/30/2009 Fudge 50
502 SE- Christmas - 2009 12/28/2009 Lanier 49
503 SE- Psalms 139 02/09/2010 Lanier 48
504 SE- Psalms 40 02/17/2010 W. Mark Lanier 47
1073 SE- Highlights from Psalms for Living 4 12/04/2016 W. Mark Lanier Mark Lanier teacher. These interludes during Mark's series "Why I'm Not...." are based upon Mark's New Book "Psalms for Living" published by Baylor Press. Subject: Series Special Event during Why I’m Not… a new series explaining why Mark is not a atheist, a agnostic, or a etc. etc. Location: Champion Forest Baptist Church 37
520 SE- The Divine Rescue: An Interview with Edward Fudge 05/18/2010 W. Mark Lanier & Edward Fudge Join Mark Lanier as he conducts a warm and gracious interview with Edward Fudge, author of "The Divine Rescue." "The Divine Rescue" is the story of a perfect world gone astray, and of the God who stops at nothing to rescue that world and the people who inhabit it. This book is for anyone, from seeker to scholar, who has ever wept for a broken world, who has tasted pain and passion as a partner in the human plight, who has glimpsed a glory as yet unfulfilled and sensed that there is more to come. 46
566 SE- A Week in the Life... 10/22/2010 Leadership Team 45
582 SE-Christmas History - 2010 12/18/2010 W. Mark Lanier 44
665 SE- Thanksgiving 2011 - Contentment 11/27/2011 Stephen Trammell 43
668 SE- The Christmas Challenge - 2011 12/18/2011 W. Mark Lanier 42
879 SE- Christianity on Trial 06/01/2014 W. Mark Lanier 41
1034 SE- Highlights from Psalms for Living 1 09/04/2016 W. Mark Lanier These interludes during Mark's series "Why I'm Not...." are based upon Mark's New Book "Psalms for Living" published by Baylor Press. Subject: Series Special Event during Why I’m Not… a new series explaining why Mark is not a atheist, a agnostic, or a etc. etc. Location: Champion Forest Baptist Church 40
1036 SE- Highlights from Psalms for Living 2 10/30/2016 W. Mark Lanier These interludes during Mark's series "Why I'm Not...." are based upon Mark's New Book "Psalms for Living" published by Baylor Press. Subject: Series Special Event during Why I’m Not… a new series explaining why Mark is not a atheist, a agnostic, or a etc. etc. Location: Champion Forest Baptist Church 39
1037 SE- Highlights from Psalms for Living 3 11/13/2016 W. Mark Lanier These interludes during Mark's series "Why I'm Not...." are based upon Mark's New Book "Psalms for Living" published by Baylor Press. Subject: Series Special Event during Why I’m Not… a new series explaining why Mark is not a atheist, a agnostic, or a etc. etc. Location: Champion Forest Baptist Church 38
1075 SE- Christmas and Carols 12/18/2016 W. Mark Lanier This SPECIAL EVENT about CHRISTMAS AND CAROLS is during Mark's series "Why I'm Not...." Subject: Series Special Event during Why I’m Not… a new series explaining why Mark is not a atheist, a agnostic, or a etc. etc. Location: Champion Forest Baptist Church 36
1082 SE- The Trinity: Dr. Stephen Bullivant Interview 01/15/2017 W. Mark Lanier Mark interviews author and professor Stephen Bullivant who is the professor of theology and sociology at Saint Mary’s University in Twickenham London. Professor Bullivant discusses his teachings and inspiration on the trinity, the very heart of the Christian message. Listen to Professor Bullivant define and explain one God Who is in three Persons. “The trinity is not God wearing three masks.” 35
1086 SE- C. S. Lewis, Science, and Faith - Dr. Alister McGrath Interview 02/05/2017 W. Mark Lanier

This week’s Biblical Literacy class features a Q & A with Professor Alister McGrath, renowned theologian and scientist. Mark begins by giving listeners insight into Professor McGrath’s personal life. McGrath was an atheist in his teens but became a Christian in college. Listen to how he abandoned atheism and embraced Christianity then went on to obtain a second and third doctorate. Among Professor McGrath’s 40 published books, his favorite is his C. S. Lewis biography.

1089 SE- According to Mark - Dr. David Capes 03/05/2017 David B. Capes

Professor David B. Capes of the Houston Graduate School of Theology discusses the Book of Mark. This second Gospel provides us with a scripted invitation of knowing Jesus' ministry. Professor Capes teaches on the fulfillment of prophecy, especially through John the Baptist, as Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament promises. 

1092 SE- His Kingdom Come- An Interview with N. T. Wright 03/26/2017 W. Mark Lanier Mark interviews N. T. Wright, a leading British New Testament scholar and retired Anglican bishop. The author of numerous books and article, Wright answers Lanier questions, in a warm and engaging conversation that is both revealing and questioning.  31
1100 SE- David Capes, Paul Surprises Along the Way 05/21/2017 David Capes 32
1102 SE- Brent Johnson Gospel Applied on the Mission Field 06/04/2017 Brent Johnson 29
1109 SE- Biblical Literacy Philosophy of Ministry and Missions 07/30/2017 Missional Class 28
1116 SE- Paul in Athens, Acts 17 07/09/2017 Scott Riling Learn what Paul’s message, as noted in Acts 17, meant to the Athenians, especially the Stoics and Epicureans. Although technologies may have changed over the years, ideas haven’t so much. Paul made three main points…1. God created the world, 2. God created man and man needs God, & 3. Man’s attempts to represent God with idols is foolishness. Paul goes on to quote from their own poets, being a master of communicating within the current context of his audience. Listen to Scott Riling share how God has given the ministry of reconciliation to all believers and be encouraged and confident in what you believe so you can share the truth with others person to person, as Paul did. 27
1118 SE- Dr. Tremper Longman Interview 09/17/2017 W. Mark Lanier and Dr. Tremper Longman Mark Lanier interviewed Dr. Tremper Longman, one of the world’s authorities on the Old Testament, and honed in on questions about the Old Testament image of God as a “warrior God” who instructs Israel to slaughter large groups of people. This is an important dialogue as it is a challenging part of understanding God and His character. It seems at odds with the God we see in Jesus. 26
1136 SE- Jesus said Follow Me 09/24/2017 Scott Riling Today’s lesson focused on Following Jesus. Scott Riling spoke about Mark’s heart for others to have a spiritual passion for Jesus Christ. He taught about following Jesus, His ability to engage others through authority, humor, and love by having a personal relationship with all who call on His name. Following Jesus means a unique and unlimited Lord who is with us forever. Jesus is the goal of our faith, our greatest love and devotion. 25
1165 SE - John Piper Interview 11/12/2017 Mark Lanier 23
1166 SE - Missions 11/19/2017 23
1174 SE- Rabbi Michael Vowell from Congregation Beth Messiah, teaches on Jonah. 12/10/2017 Rabbi Michael Vowell 23
1185 SE- Your Place At The Table 01/14/2018 Pastor Scott Riling Scott Riling shares from Luke’s account about the Last Supper and how we have a place at the table. See how Jesus selected the 12 apostles from many followers that had accompanied him during his brief time of ministry on earth. We can identify with the flawed and imperfect apostles that came from different backgrounds and served different roles. All were sinners yet found hope in Jesus the Messiah and were ultimately sent out to change the world. Even though Jesus knew what Judas Iscariot would do, he had a place at the table with Jesus, and so do we.   25
1200 SE - Rabbi Michael Vowell: Names of God 03/11/2018 Rabbi Michael Vowell Today Rabbi Michael Vowell taught the Biblical Literacy Class about the importance of understanding the names of God. Rabbi Vowell provides insight of who God is by studying the meaning of His names, giving us confidence of who our God, Adonai, is in our lives. Through the depth of this study, Rabbi Vowell reveals God's uniqueness, presence, and blessings. Listen to Rabbi Vowell expound on the names of God and examples, past and present, of how Adonai is on our side. 23
1218 SE- The Long and Winding Road : Worship 06/03/2018 Brent Johnson

Have you ever wonder why we worship God? And what does it really mean to worship? Pastor Brent Johnson explores these questions and shows us how worship has changed through the history of the Bible. He will lead us from the inception of worship to today. Join us with a humble and open heart as we learn how to truly worship God.

1241 SE- Devotionals from the Life of Christ - Prayer, Part 2 - Brent Johnson 09/02/2018 Brent Johnson

Join us as Pastor Brent Johnson continues Mark’s Devotionals from the Life of Christ series with Prayer - Part 2. Have you ever wondered if you are praying the “right way”? Since Brent oversees prayer requests, he was able to take a look at how we pray, and how the characters of the Bible prayed. What he found could change the way you pray forever.

1239 SE- Devotionals from the Life of Christ -Brent Johnson 06/24/2018 Brent Johnson

Brent continued with the Devotionals from the Life of Jesus in today's lesson: This week lesson Brent breaks down the meaning of the word devote and shows us what is really happening. Brent reveals how this occurs again and again in scriptures. Join us as we devote ourselves to a deeper understanding of how God's word teaches us what really means to be devoted a Christian.

1233 SE - Lecture - Why is there so much suffering - Melvin Tinker - 2018 07 15 07/15/2018 Vicar Melvin Tinker

Reverend Melvin Tinker, a vicar from Hull, England, taught today's class titled “Why is There So Much Suffering? Tinker said, "Real faith is like a fire that can be fanned into flame during a storm.” In contrast, he explained that little or no faith can snuff out a fire in times of suffering. For the Christian: God is good and He is almighty. Reverend Tinker explains the various beliefs of pain and suffering and asking questions like "Is all suffering evil?” “What is the purpose of suffering?” Suffering could be a painful reminder that all is not well with us and our Maker. Can we place our suffering in a bigger picture? Listen to him teach the Christian view of God and suffering.

1235 SE The Attributes of God by Ed Etheridge 07/29/2018 Ed Etheridge The Attributes of God - Message presented by Pastor Ed Etheridge 23
1237 SE - Brent Johnson - Devotionals from the Life of Christ 06/24/2018 Brent Johnson 23
1249 SE - Breakfast and Q&A with Mark Lanier 10/28/2018 W. Mark Lanier 23
1280 SE- Attributes of God - Scott Riling 02/24/2019 Scott Riling 23
1281 SE- Interview with Mark Lanier, Dennis Danielson and Bruce Hindmarsh 02/17/2019 Mark Lanier Mark interviewed Professor Bruce Hindmarsh, the professor of spiritual theology at Regent College in Vancouver, and Professor Dennis Danielson from Stanford University, who is one of the world’s leading Milton scholars. Mark posed a variety of questions:
  1. Personal love story and marriage advice.
  2. Their wives’ best traits.
  3. How their relationship with Christ began, and life experiences that grew their faith.
  4. Personal scholars’ disciplines.
  5. Favorite Christian figure.
  6. The problem with good and evil.
  7. Favorite hymn
  8. Book recommendation
  9. Where should Christians be going.
Listen to the insight and humor from Mark, Dr. Hindmarsh, and Dr. Danielson.  
1283 SE - GOG The Struggle is Real 03/31/2019 Brent Johnson Brent Johnson taught the greatness of God - Examining Gods CV. This week’s lesson focuses on the reality of struggles. Genesis 32 shares when Jacob is destined to meet his twin brother Esau after the conflict between them. Before their meeting, Brent explained how Jacob wrestled with God’s messenger in the form of an angel or possibly Jesus. Jacob’s name was changed to Israel, the father of the 12 tribes of Israel, and the struggles have continued. The older we get, struggles do not dissipate. All of life involves both physical and spiritual struggles. From those, we grow closer to God. Why did Israel struggle? Why do we struggle? What are the causes of struggle? Listen to Brent talk about the struggles of Jacob/Israel and all humanity. 21
1287 SE - GOG The Greatness of God - Scott Riling 02/24/2019 Scott Riling Scott Riling taught on the topic: Favorite Three Attributes of God. Scott pointed out establishing three favorite attributes is difficult because God is good and perfect. The first attributive: God is Personal. He is the loving Father, the Great I Am. This is shown in Genesis 1:26. 3:7-9, Exodus 19:18-21, Numbers 11-26-29, and 1 Samuel 8-7-8. The second attribute: God is merciful. References are Deuteronomy 4:28-31, Luke 6:35-36, The third attribute: God is faithful as revealed in Deuteronomy 31:8. Listen to Scott share his passion for God through Scripture and life experiences. 20
1288 SE - GOG Our God Pursues 03/10/2019 Scott Riling Scott Riling taught The Greatness of God - Our God Pursues. Scott spoke how the prodigal son is really about the loving father who like our Father God allows us to make mistakes while he pursues us. Scripture backs it up. Genesis 3:8-11: God pursued Adam and Eve when they sinned. God pursued the relationship. 2 Chronicles 16:9: God is looking to support those who love Him. Psalm 17:8: We long for God to keep us as the apple of His eye. Psalm 23:4: God pursues, protects, and disciplines. His rod represents power and authority. Ezekiel 20:37: The rod (God’s) staff is used to lift, touch, and guide. Psalm 23:6: God brings goodness and mercy by following us. John 3:16: God the pursuer. Listen to Scott give us examples throughout the Bible that remind us of God’s continuous love and His pursuit of us. 20
1293 SE - Interview with Dr. Andrew MacIntosh - A Hebrew Lesson 05/20/2019 Mark Lanier In this lesson, Mark is joined by special guest Dr. Andrew Macintosh, Professor of Hebrew at Cambridge University and one of the foremost scholars of Hebrew and the Bible. Mark and Dr. Macintosh conduct a Hebrew lesson in the Old Testament using the Psalms. The English vocabulary has 50,000 to 60,000 words, compared to Hebrew which has only one word for every eight in English. The words have a full semantic range in the way they are applied to our language; it is not a one-to-one translation. Knowing this, Mark and Dr. Macintosh help us better understand the meaning behind the many body parts that are referenced in the Psalms. 19
1315 SE - IGGOF Brent Johnson - Take Action Now 06/16/2019 Brent Johnson Pastor Brent Johnson, of Champion Forest Baptis tChurch, discusses in this lesson "Take Action Now". In each Biblical Literacy lesson, Mark Lanier concludes with"Take Action Now"-takeaway points that he ties to the lesson and scripture, thatwe canread and reflect upon in the up-coming week.In our busy livesthough,doing this is a challenge we all face.Listen as Brent outlinesfrom Deuteronomy 6,scripturalinstructionon howto take actionto help us study the Bible,andimprove our ability to live out our faith with family, friends, and at work or in the community. 18
1321 SE OTJ David Fleming - John 08/04/2019 David Fleming Pastor David Fleming taught from the Gospel of John by beginning the class with a video titled "Who is Jesus?”. John 1:1 answers the question. Pastor David taught: You cannot be wrong about Jesus and be right with God. Jesus says this about Himself. God the son, Jesus, existed prior to preexistence. Pastor David shared the Word, Logos, has a deeper meaning in Greek. God speaks the Word into action. The words and actions of Jesus were the words and actions of God. Listen to Pastor David expound on the who Jesus is by focusing on God’s word as revealed in the Gospel of John. It's all about Jesus. 17
1324 SE - Brent Johnson Entomology of Logos 09/08/2019 Brent Johnson 16
1328 SE -Andrew Farley 09/29/2019 Mark Lanier Mark is joined by special guest Dr. Andrew Farley, lead pastor of the Church Without Religion, a non-denominational church in west Texas. He is also a best-selling author of seven Christian books and the host of Andrew Farley LIVE, a nationwide call-in program on Sirius XM. Mark interviews Dr. Farley about his latest book 'Twisted Scripture, Untangling 45 Lies Christians Have Been Told'. Listen to Mark and Andrew as they discuss three examples from the book including, "Must we ask forgiveness for every sin?", "Don't we have to keep the Ten Commandments?", and "Mustn't we die to self every day?" 15
1329 SE - Melvin Tinker Hidden Gems in John 10/06/2019 Melvin Tinker Melvin Tinker, prolific author and Vicar of St. John Newland stops by from Hull England to share a type of Bible GPS. He examines whether certain numbers mentioned in the gospel of John contain hidden meanings. 14
1334 SE - Brent Johnson Sent on Mission 10/27/2019 Brent Johnson Mission Sunday emphasis/focus. Listen first to Gordon Fort a missionary from the International Mission Board as he shares his testimony of God's promises at work in his life and others from all over the world who followed God in obedience to missions. God is moving in the world in an unprecedented way. Brent Johnson then teaches from Ephesians 4. We should all be on mission for God, called out to proclaim the excellencies of Him. God's gifts are given to glorify Him. Listen to Brent talk about using opportunities to share the excellence of God 13
1335 SE - C.S. Lewis by Steven Fenley 11/11/2019 Steven Fenley The Biblical Literacy class today celebrated Mark’s birthday with a production drama of C.S. Lewis by Steven Fenley. Fenley shared Lewis’s thoughts of love, pain, and suffering through the dramatization of several of Lewis’s books. 12
1339 SE - Dr. Michael Lloyd Interview with Mark 12/08/2019 Mark Lanier Mark Lanier interviews Dr. Michael Lloyd, the Principal of Wycliffe Hall at the University of Oxford. Watch as this fascinating banter as Mark and his guest reveal Dr. Lloyd's background, his spiritual path, and his theological ideas. Listen as he explains his current interest in the the problem of evil, including that which is caused by sinful man, and that which has no root in human behavior. 11
1340 SE - Advent 12/15/2019 Mark Lanier Mark taught the 2019 Christmas lesson from Luke. We are in the season of Advent. During this time, we celebrate the arrival/coming/approach of Jesus. The lesson shows three veins of thought: the incarnation, the arrival of Jesus in our lives, and His second coming. The word Messiah comes from the Hebrew word meaning “someone has poured oil on their heads anointing them. Prophets, Priests, and Kings were anointed. The Greek word for this action is Christo. Listen to Mark teach the deep connectivity of advent in our lives, God’s timing, and how the power of prayer changes things. 10
1344 SE - Dr. David Capes - Jesus and the Devil 01/27/2020 Dr. David Capes Guest teacher Dr. David Capes, Senior Research Fellow at The Lanier Theological Library, continued the series, Digging Deeper - Passages Worth the Dig. Dr. Capes’ lesson “The Devil Didn't Make Me Do It” used an excerpt from Matthew 4 that records the testing/temptation of Jesus. The Old Testament records Abraham’s testing regarding the sacrifice of his only son Isaac, and Jesus is the singular offspring of Abraham. Listen to Dr. Capes talk about the three temptations or testings of Jesus. Keywords: Jesus, Temptation, Testing, Fasting, Satan 9
1346 SE - Interview with Rabbi Joseph Shulam 02/09/2020 Mark Lanier This week, with the help of Scott Sager from Lipscomb University, Mark interviewed Joseph Shulam, a highly respected Hebrew scholar and Christian Minister. He was born in Bulgaria and his family moved to Jereusalem. Shulambecame a Christian in 1962 and was rejected by his family. His powerful testimony is an inspiration for every believer. He holds several degrees and speaks seven languages. Listen to Rabbi/Teacher Shulam provide unique perspectives and insights while sharing his in-depth knowledge of Scripture 8
1349 SE - David Capes -Judge Not 03/08/2020 David Capes David Capes, the Senior Research Fellow at the Lanier Theological Library, taught this week’s classes. He continued with the series: Passages Worth the Dig with the topic, “Judge not lest ye be judged” from Matthew 7:1-5. The question arises: What did Jesus mean in this passage? Today’s stats show many view Christians as judgmental. Jesus did not say to be neutral, form an opinion, or express an opinion. He did say to use righteousness with justice. We are to be careful how we judge. Listen to David teach the church’s role as a self-correcting body that is to eliminate harsh tones, judgmental attitudes, holier than thou responses, and a lack of humility 6
1350 SE - Brent Johnson - Choosing a Pastor 02/23/2020 Brent Johnson Listen as Brent Johnson, Associate Pastor of Senior Adults, continues in the series Passages Worth the Dig focusingon “How to Pick a Pastor.”Brent shares common approaches to selecting a pastor todaybycomparing practices between various denominations. He then reviews God’s approach in choosing leaders throughout the Old and New Testament showing how He many times uses the unconventional. Brent concludes with an emphasis on God’s spirit residing in eachbeliever and how we must be attentive to His leading in all matters. God is interested in revealingHis purpose and will in our lives 7
1375 SE - Brent Dyer - Worship Through Song 08/30/2020 Mark Lanier Mark interviewed Pastor Brent Dyer for a joint session to discuss the power and theology of worship in song: bringing praise to our Creator. 3 areas of consideration: 1. Knowing Brent: An only child whose father and grandfather were pastors. Grew up in Dallas and attended Baylor University. He is married and they have a son and daughter. 2.The theology or philosophy of worship -Romans 12:1-2 . Worship is the day-to-day way we live our lives in sacrifice to God. 3.Q&A -Individualworship vs corporate worship. Corporate worship is an overflow of daily individual worship. Corporate worship allows us to connect with God while encouraging each other. Listen to Mark and Brent explore worship and glorifying God in song. The quality of voice is not important; worship is a true and conscious matter of the heart. We are singing to an audience of One 5
1376 SE - Stephen Trammell - Deep Joy In Spite of Difficult Circumstances 09/06/2020 Mark Lanier 4
1378 SE - Don Finto - Wisdom from an Elder 09/13/2020 Mark Lanier 3
1394 SE - Jarrett Stephens - Galatians 2 Focused Living 02/14/2021 Jarrett Stephens 2
1396 SE - David Fleming - Galatians: the Gospel or Foolishness 02/28/2021 Dr. David Fleming 1