SE-Conversation with New Testament Greek scholars, Bill Mounce and Dan Wallace


Synopsis Biblical Literacy Snapshots of Jesus 04/24/2022 Mark Interviews Bill Mounce and Dan Wallace Bill and Dan were childhood friends and lived and took very different paths In their careers, as Greek Scholars, and both were joined together as members of the NIV Translation Committee. They discussed that journey in some detail, which included how each of them were led to the Lord. Bill and Dan discussed why they wanted to learn Greek. Both have PHD’s and are very well versed and very well known for their work in translating original manuscripts from Greek to English. Both discussed their reason for pursuing Greek translation as a life long career. Bill has written a book titled “Basics of Biblical Greek” which has sold over a half a million copies. They discussed in a very specific way how verses of the bible are translated and the difficulty of deciphering the meaning of Greek translations into English Bible Versions, NIV, ESV, and KJV for example. They discussed this with respect to John 1:1, Luke 2:14, Matthew 6:13 and others. The lesson was enlightening and motivated us to study the Bible and do our best to understand the meaning of the message therein.


Speaker: Mark Lanier