SE- Special guest N. T. Wright joins Mark Lanier in conversation


hey began by discussing the Queen’s Jubilee, a celebration of her 70 years on the throne. They also discussed Tom’s service as Lord Bishop of Durham and what those duties entailed within the Church of England. He also discussed his responsibilities as a member of the House of Lords. They further discuss the Queen of England’s Christian beliefs and their impact on her Reign as Queen and on her personally. Mark and N. T. moved to Paul’s teachings in Psalms 8. Mark displayed a graphic depicting the relationship between, Heaven and Earth, and discussed how the image of God was to be reflected by Individuals in that intersection between Heaven and Earth. Discussion continued by discussing small working models of the aforementioned intersection, such as Israel, Tabernacle and The Temple. They concluded the discussion by addressing the tasks of Humans to praise God because he was the Creator. Mark and N.T. broke down the passages of Psalms 8 and other reference verses that communicated Paul’s thoughts and direction on how to be a Christian in a Pagan environment.


Speaker: Mark Lanier & NT Wright