SE - Lecture - Why is there so much suffering - Melvin Tinker - 2018 07 15


Reverend Melvin Tinker, a vicar from Hull, England, taught today's class titled “Why is There So Much Suffering? Tinker said, "Real faith is like a fire that can be fanned into flame during a storm.” In contrast, he explained that little or no faith can snuff out a fire in times of suffering. For the Christian: God is good and He is almighty. Reverend Tinker explains the various beliefs of pain and suffering and asking questions like "Is all suffering evil?” “What is the purpose of suffering?” Suffering could be a painful reminder that all is not well with us and our Maker. Can we place our suffering in a bigger picture? Listen to him teach the Christian view of God and suffering.


Speaker: Vicar Melvin Tinker


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