SE- Christmas Through the Ages


In today’s lesson, Mark took a journey of Christmas through the Ages. He grouped how Christmas was celebrated, or not, during three periods of time following Jesus’ birth. 1. Roman. There’s no record the first church celebrated the birth of Christ. But does that make it wrong? Consider Jewish feasts not in the Old Testament writings. Yet Jesus celebrated them. 2. Medieval. Began mid to late 300s. Christmas first established on December 25th as a day of repentance. Powerful influence for good. Christmas plays began. Pagan celebrations translated into a part Christmas celebrations. 3. Modern. Advent. Arrival of Jesus with three focuses: Jesus’ arrival in Bethlehem; Jesus' arrival in your life, and Jesus will arrive again. Mark concludes that Jesus takes the dark days in life and fills us with joy, so we have reason to celebrate all year long.


Speaker: Mark Lanier



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