SE - Brent Dyer - Worship Through Song


Mark interviewed Pastor Brent Dyer for a joint session to discuss the power and theology of worship in song: bringing praise to our Creator. 3 areas of consideration: 1. Knowing Brent: An only child whose father and grandfather were pastors. Grew up in Dallas and attended Baylor University. He is married and they have a son and daughter. 2.The theology or philosophy of worship -Romans 12:1-2 . Worship is the day-to-day way we live our lives in sacrifice to God. 3.Q&A -Individualworship vs corporate worship. Corporate worship is an overflow of daily individual worship. Corporate worship allows us to connect with God while encouraging each other. Listen to Mark and Brent explore worship and glorifying God in song. The quality of voice is not important; worship is a true and conscious matter of the heart. We are singing to an audience of One


Speaker: Mark Lanier