SE - Mark Lanier interviews Stone Chapel Lecturer and an Evil- Expert, Ingrid Faro


Mark interviewed Dr. Ingrid Faro, professor at Northern Seminary and the author of Encountering Evil. We learn that Dr. Faro wasn’t born in a Christian home. She found Jesus through Young Life and a Billy Graham Crusade. Through life experiences and multiple trials and sufferings, she learned God is good.

Dr. Faro defines evil as the corruption of creational and relational goodness. She defines good as that which produces life and blessings, shalom, and peace. Good is life. Good used for selfish reasons is evil. Evil gets its power from diverted good. Listen to Dr. Faro and Mark discuss the reality of good and evil. Choose God. Good always wins. Join us Sundays at 9:30am CST! Links below: YouTube: CFBC Website:


Speaker: Mark Lanier & Ingrid Faro