SE- Special guest Cambridge-trained brain scientist, Sharon Dirckx joins Mark Lanier discussing the presence of the soul


Mark interviewed Sharon Dirckx, PhD in Brain Imaging, University of Cambridge, speaker, author, and adjunct lecturer at The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. Mark first posed questions to Dr. Dirckx regarding her personal and professional background. She became a Christian while attention Bristol University. Dr. Dirckx shared her testimony and how her studies of brain activity and a doctorate in brain imaging increased her faith. She has also studied theology at Oxford. Her focus last night at the Lanier Theological Library Lecture and again in today’s class interview discussed the questions: Are we just our brains? What is the difference between our brain and our mind or consciousness? Where does God fit? Listen to Dr. Dirckx present hope for all believers as she continues her studies on the brain, the mind, and the work of God in our lives. Dr. Dirckx maintains evil forces and the Holy Spirit have different impacts on the mind noting that the Holy Spirit will never take us beyond what we are willing to go.


Speaker: Mark Lanier & Sharon Dirckx