Chapter 15, Old Testament Minor Prophets, Micah. (pt1)


2-5-23 Biblical LiteracyDr. David Capes continued in the Minor Prophets series by introducing Micah. Dr. Capes gave us the 30,000 foot view of Micah, including the history and setting. He continued with various oracles forSamaria showing judgment and the hope and promise of restoration in a world that recognizes God as God. Dr. Capes show how Micah warned the people of how God would destroy the people for their disobedience and violence.In the points for home, Dr. Capes emphasized that disobedience to God brings hardship, and obedience brings blessing. Divine judgment is not just a problem in the Old Testament, nor is divine restoration only in the New Testament. Thankfully we have the hope of a new world coming.


Speaker: Dr.David Capes