Chapter 8 - Old Testament Minor Prophets, Amos (pt 2)


Mark Lanier continued with the study of The Minor Prophets - Part II of Amos.

Mark shared extensive historical context and background.Ā Amos was from Judah in the eighth century. His occupation was a breederĀ of cattle/sheep, a traveling consultant and dresser of figs.Ā Mark also identified passages in Amos which speakĀ of Godā€™s judgment on Israel theĀ northern kingdom. Finally in PointsĀ for Home: 1)Ā You and I live on a timeline. 2)Ā Do we hear the word of the Lord? 3)Ā How do we know we are listening to Godā€™s word? Listen to Mark explain the historical and cultural difference between Judah and Israel and how God intends for us to liveĀ today.


Speaker: Mark Lanier



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