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DLC10.0-"Say What?!?" Sayings


Mark continued with #10 of  Devotions from the Life of Jesus. Today’s lesson focused on the sometimes confusing "say-what” sayings from Jesus; those sayings that deal with us in various circumstances. 1. When we are off track: Mark 12:26-27. When we aren’t authentic: Matthew 12:33-34. When we should stop complaining: Matthew 11:16-19. And when Jesus was humorous: Matthew 16:24, Matthew 21:31, Luke 8:44-45, Matthew 7:3-5. Matthew 9:15-17, Matthew 19:24, and Matthew 23:23-24. Listen to Mark explain the Greek translation of Jesus' sayings to better understand the context of His words and make godly commitments. 


Speaker: Mark Lanier