Session 1: In the Beginning


Mark started a new class series on Genesis. This book is the prequel to the Torah or Pentateuch. It also sets up an understanding of the book of Moses, the Old Testament, and an introduction to the rest of the Bible. Mark divided the discussion of Genesis into three sections:

  1. Set Up - for cosmic approach, sin and its consequences, prophecy and blessing, and God and Revelation.
  2. Authorship - a variety of beliefs. Not sure who wrote Genesis, but either by or about Moses.
  3. Difficulties/opportunities - with layers of understanding Scripture for e modern reader. Genesis contains various types of literature, language and cultural, and style and structure.
Points for Home 1. God is speaking 2. Genesis is life changing 3. We are to let God transform who we are. Listen to Mark give us an introduction to a fresh approach to the book of Genesis. Homework: Read Genesis 1 through 2:3.


Speaker: Mark Lanier



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