Chapter 13: Better Bible Study; Communications in the Bible


8-27-23 Bib-Lit  Brent Johnson taught BBS - Better Bible Study - on the topic of Communication.  Communication with God is prayer. Proper communication means the sender sends a message through a channel to the recipient. That channel is either verbal or nonverbal. The process takes time. Brent offers three points in our communication with God. 1. God speaks:       When God speaks, things happen because God created everything out of nothing. The written word is the Bible, and God called Jesus the Word. Christ is our        hope and glory. 2. Man speaks:      This can mean trouble ahead when man attempts to dictate to God what to do. We speak to God in prayer and ask God what He wants us to do.         Communication is seeking God’s will and encourage others. 3. Who is listening?     God is speaking. We are listening.  Points for home 1. God speaks: trust and obey 2. May my words be acceptable to God - Psalm 19:14. 3. Man speaks:  speak in response to God’s will. 4.  Who’s listening: Man is to respond with more listening than speaking. 


Speaker: Pastor Brent Johnson



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