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Series: The Greatness of God: Examining God's CV

Mark Lanier, a trial lawyer by trade, examines the truth of God’s greatness by examining His Curriculum Vitae (CV). In consecutive lessons, he uses God’s CV to understand
  • who He is
  • what his greatness has to do with us
  • why God has done horrible things and allows evil
  • what is the truth about God’s greatness
  • whether God’s CV indicate that he keeps his promises
  • does God’s CV include references that back up the claim to His greatness
For the YouTube Playlist of this series, go here. For the podcast, go here.

ID Title Presentation Date Speaker Handouts Slides Audio Video Full Lesson Synopsis Sort Order
Title Presentation Date Speaker Handouts Slides Audio Video Full Lesson Synopsis
1276 GOG 003 - Who is God? Part B 01/20/2019 Mark Lanier Mark continued with lesson 3 in The Greatness of God - Examine God's CV. He continues to discuss the question "Who is God?" and the traits we will find on God's CV. We know God is all-loving, but he is also a God who loves and hates, and we need to understand how these intersect. In Luke 6:27-36, God hopes we will enact love, and love with our enemies. Listen as Mark continues more of God's traits in that he is holy, true and moral, and he begins to correlate to sin. 6
1260 GOG 002 - Who is God? Part A 01/13/2019 Mark Lanier Mark continued with lesson 2 in The Greatness of God—Examine God’s CV.  Who is God? The answer is in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Part of God’s CV is His love. The Greek uses two types of love to show God’s persona as recorded in the New Testament: Phileo, someone or something we have affection for. Our God is all-loving. The second type of love is Agape, a love that is interested in our welfare of a decision made to care. Our God is all-caring. By exploring 1 Corinthians 13, we can better understand God’s love for us. Listen to Mark detail God’s love and describe other Greek definitions for the word.   6
1261 GOG 004 - What Does God Have to Do With Us? Part A 01/27/2019 Mark Lanier 7
1257 GOG 001 - Introduction 01/07/2019 Mark Lanier Lesson Title: Chapter 1, Introducing God’s CV Join us as Mark Lanier introduces his new series, The Greatness of God:  Examining God's CV.  Mark kick's off this illuminating new series that carefully examines God's Curriculum vitae (CV) or resume, like a lawyer might examine a witness. C.V.’s are a modern cultural invention, but that examine one’s qualifications and interests.  One wishes the Bible had God’s C.V. but the Bible is not written that way.  As central to my effort to write a book about the Greatness of God, I decided that I would begin writing a C.V. of God.  The C.V. could never be exhaustive, for no man can fully comprehend God for who he is, much less all he has done.  The C.V. couldn’t contain all of God’s accomplishments, if for no other reason than that one C.V. can’t hold all of history, which has unfolded under the divine hand of God.  So my C.V. for God is one that sets out in brief form, some of the major accomplishments which are subject of this book. God’s CV would include that he is both a creator and a destroyer. How does this reconcile with His greatness? Added Bonus: tricks to compensate for time change 5
1277 GOG 005 - What Does God Have to Do With Us? Part B 02/03/2019 Mark Lanier

Mark continued in his series: The Greatness of God:

Examining God's CV. How do we merge God is love, God hates sin, and God is just? Sin incurs God’s wrath, a distortion of the truth of God’s nature, and He can’t live with sin. The answer is His substitionary atonement through Jesus Christ taking on our sin and paying the price. Listen to Mark explain the meaning of substitionary atonement

1278 GOG 006 - The Trinity Part A 02/10/2019 Mark Lanier 3
1279 GOG 007 - Examining God's CV Part 7 03/03/2019 Mark Lanier 2
1282 GOG 008 - Where is God? Part A 03/17/2019 Mark Lanier 1