Lesson 9 - The Tribes of Israel


There are parts of the Old Testament that are absolutely inspiring. Familiar stories, parts of Isaiah, and the Psalms and Proverbs are among them. The book of Nehemiah. Have you ever been guilty of “skipping over” some parts of the Old Testament that you thought were boring or simply did not understand? You are not alone!  It is especially easy to get frustrated by the long lists of names in genealogies, and wonder, why are they in here? Who cares what these guys’ names are.

Join Dale Hearn as he looks at a passage that is often overlooked, The Blessings of Jacob, Genesis 49.

In our lesson today, we will study the plan that God had for Jacob’s 12 sons, who eventually became the 12 tribes of Israel. In essence we will look at Jacob’s Last Will and Testament.


Speaker: Dale Hearn



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