Lesson 54 - Ezekiel - Part 1


Have you ever experienced the loss of a friendship because one of you moved?  Moving far apart and the passage of time can work a one-two punch on continuity in life. This is even truer in the deep recesses of history, before telephones, readily available books (and literacy), and easy transportation. We often speak of the world becoming smaller because it used to be so difficult to keep up with things far removed. Before the advent of the internet and social media the world was much larger than it is today.  Can you imagine how much larger it was in 600BC?

This simple observation of life is relevant in the study of Ezekiel.  Join Mark Lanier as we explore the unlikely idea that a small mountain tribe's worship of their perceived local deity could survive a dispersal of the people, removal of their tmeple, a loss of their monarchy, and destruction of their capital.  It would seem preposterous and against all odds.  However, the worship of YHWH is billions strong today.

How did this worship survive?


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier


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