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Lesson 53 - Jeremiah - Part 2


What was the core message of Jeremiah? Different scholars would no doubt give different answers. Jeremiah’s life was built around the word of the LORD. He was commissioned by the word, to deliver the word faithfully and to follow the word. Jeremiah did so, at great personal risk and expense. His life stands in stark contrast to a generation that refused to hear the word of the Lord.

By touching jeremiah's mouth, the Lord sets it apart for his purposes, placing his words into Jeremiah's mouth.  Join us as we try and understand the varied and illuminating conclusions from Mark Lanier's unique perspective.


Hopefully, this lesson will spur on greater personal study and consideration. At least the next time the radio plays, “Jeremiah was a bullfrog,” you will remember there was much more to Jeremiah than that!



Speaker: W. Mark Lanier