Lesson 45 - The Fall of Israel: The Prophet’s Cry (Hosea) - Part 2


In the "game of life" we have many choices to make regarding our occupations and the jobs we wish to pursue.  Should I pursue a career in finance, law, medicine, technology, prophecy... Prophecy?!  In our current time, becoming a prophet is likely very, very far down the list on most career counselor's list of things to do.  Yet there is one man who became a prophet and found the occupation both very difficult and very rewarding.

Today we study Hosea, one of the foundation prophets of Israel in the Old Testament.  Hosea was one in a long line of prophets that were ignored and even persecuted for the sake of the message. Yet his message did not go out and fail to return. Hosea is repeatedly quoted in the New Testament, and his experience forms a basis for better understanding the ultimate act in history, the crucifixion of Christ.

This lesson continues our study of the fall of the Northern Kingdom of Israel.


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier


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