Lesson 42 - Ecclesiastes - All is Vanity?


How does one chart what is good and worthwhile if there is no God to orient our compass and give meaning to our pursuits?  Without an adequate measuring rod to define “good,” who is to say? For that matter, if there is no God, then what “virtue” is there in doing well to others when those others are in no position to do good back to you? What is the reason for doing anything beyond securing your own enjoyment in life and that of others you care about? Does not that (and most any other activity) seem to be vain and without real profit?

These questions and issues are not new. They are ones that have probed the thoughts of people going back at least 2500 years. Join Mark Lanier in a study of the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes, where we find a reference to life’s vanity and futility.


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier


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