Lesson 41- Proverbs - Lessons for Life


Setting aside the Bible for a moment, if there is a Supreme Being, and if he is able to communicate, and if he created humanity, it would seem logical that the Supreme Being would reach out and communicate with humanity. Francis A. Schaeffer expressed the principle that a personal communicating God would certainly want to communicate to the personal communicating beings he created.

Now, picking up the Bible we find that it explains that God has communicated directly, through his creation, through others, and in so doing, he has set out a revelation of historical interactions with mankind. Among God’s communications in Scripture is the book of Proverbs. This is a book where we read principles of behavior and instructions for wise living. These are concepts that understandably a communicating God would want to give to his people. They are also concepts that are applicable, and to some extent evidenced, by the lives of all peoples, whether Godly or not. Join Mark Lanier and find out why the book of Proverbs has always been associated with wisdom for living.


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier


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