Lesson 34 - Part 1 Introduction to the Prophets


How do our modern day prophets compare to the prophets of the Old Testament? You know the kind, they proclaim loudly that dooms day will occur on May 21st (or some other prediction for the future that often comes and goes with no resulting fulfillment of the prophetic predicition!)  People seem to search for someone who can be a predictor of the future, whether from reading cards, palms, or other signs and indicators.

Is this what a Biblical prophet was?

Join Mark Lanier as we continue our Old Testament survey, focusing on the prophets. In Kings, the prophets begin to take a central role in the interaction of the Israelites with God and with the world. We will take this lesson to introduce the prophets examining in overview their function in Scripture and the life of Israel and Judah.


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier


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