Lesson 2 - Genesis: Creation and Evolution - Part 3


Creationism or evolution – does it really matter? Christians who think so generally give two reasons for concern: (1) a belief that the integrity of the Bible is at stake if Genesis is not accorded a literal meaning; and (2) a belief that creationism means a Creator God; therefore, evolution must mean no God. In other words, some believe that without creationism, atheism must be true. Some take this further and argue the scientific truth of creationism in an effort to “prove” God exists. In Part Two we discussed the first concern over whether an evangelical, inerrantist view of Scripture mandates a view of origins as a literal 24-hour, 7-day process some 6,000 years ago. That lesson set out 4 different options for reading Scripture, all of which are viable under an evangelical/inerrantist perspective. Those views ranged from a literal 24/6 young earth to a historical, contextual reading that would be silent on the science of creation.

Join Mark Lanier in Part Three of "Genesis: Creation and Evolution" as he sets aside the first issue and concentrates on the second issue: Does creationism mean God is real, and therefore, does evolution deny God’s existence?


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier


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