Lesson 2 - Genesis: Creation and Evolution - Part 1


We live in the scientific age. For example, the knowledge around genetics has grown exponentially in even the last fifty years. Scientists have now sequenced the human genome. They have taken the gene structure that makes us who we are and broken it down into billions of parts in an effort to better understand “human evolution, the causation of disease, and the interplay between the environment and heredity in defining the human condition.”

As a Christian, does one need to pause when reading the Science write-up of the sequencing project? Does the mention of “human evolution” run afoul of core Christian beliefs?

In this lesson, Mark Lanier examine the creation account in Genesis and considers it in light of current scientific thought. What role does science have with faith? Can one believe in creation and science? What is the proper interplay, if any, between science and faith? Can one believe in evolution and God? Can one believe in evolution and creation? How literal is the Genesis creation material? And the ultimate question: what difference does it make?


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier


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