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Lesson 18 - The Tabernacle


Have you heard any of the frequent news stories about some wonderful and devout person finding images of Mary or Christ in everthing from potato chips to pizza pans?!  While these may seem a bit far fetched to many, we need to be careful in judging too quickly lest we find ourselves guilty of the same thing, theologically.

Many wonderful, well-meaning people find pictures, images, and archetypes in Old Testament figures and stories as they relate to our New Testament theology.  This does not mean that these stories don't exist and we shouldn't be taught by them.  Instead it means we should proceed with caution!

Join Mark Lanier as we explore one such story, "The Tabernacle."  We will observe lessons and parallels given in New Testament Scripture and see several other apparent relationships that seem present, but may need to be carefully reconsidered.


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier