Lesson 14 - The Ten Commandments


God originated covenant relationships. He values community and creates unity in the midst of diversity. God pursued the children of Israel with His redeeming love. He allowed Moses to experience forty years in the palace and then another forty years in the desert.

There were some things God wanted to teach Moses in the desert that he could not learn in the palace. After his burning bush experience, Moses sought to deliver the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage. God unleashed His miracle working power through Moses and enabled the children of Israel to cross the Re(e)d Sea on dry ground. As Israel entered the Desert of Sinai, they camped in front of the mountain.

Join Pastor Stephen Trammel as we learn how God was moving them out of idolatry and establishing their identity as the people of God. Now that they had been delivered out of Egypt, it was time to deliver Egypt out of them. God invited Moses to come up the mountain and receive the Law that we commonly refer to as The Ten Commandments.


Speaker: Stephen Trammell


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