Lesson 12 - Moses


Has your Christian walk experienced success AND failure?  Sometimes our walk can be wonderful, exciting, and aw-inspiring.  Sometimes, it can be miserable and difficult to endure.

The problem really is not what we go through, it is our perspective of the One overseeing the journey. Simply put, God often works outside the things we can see with our eyes, touch with our hands, or understand with our minds, and that makes us feel that He must not be aware of our situation. If only God would offer an explanation for it. If only we understood the reason. If only we knew why. If only.

Israel had a deliverer who experienced moments like these.  We know of him as Moses, the man who led the nation of Israel out of Egypt and met with God on Mt. Sinai.  Join Steve Taylor as we explore what made Moses the man of God that he became. And maybe more importantly, what, if anything, does Moses life mean for our own walk with God?


Speaker: Steve Taylor

Reference: 13851412

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