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Lesson 11 - Joseph/Moses: Archeology and Egypt - Part 2


Have you ever played the game of "Clue?"  Clue is a logical deduction game where clues unfold helping you determine who committed the murder, which weapon was used, and where the murder was committed.

“Colonel Mustard did it with a candlestick in the study” might be the answer. Or perhaps it was Professor Plum.

As you assemble the clues, you are in a race to deduce the solution before the other players. The race can sometimes make you guess the answer without all the support you need to have certainty.

The practical effect of the game was that guessing before a final solution was clear always left the possibility of guessing wrong, even though you were able to eliminate 90 percent of the options.

In the real world, it is rarely as simple as the game of Clue. Join Mark Lanier as we consider Israel’s exodus from Egypt, and ask questions like:

  • Who was Pharaoh when Joseph went to Egypt?

  • Who was the Pharaoh of the exodus?

  • When did the exodus occur?


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier