Lesson 11 - Joseph/Moses: Archeology and Egypt - Part 1


In 1997, an annual research seminar was conducted at the University College in London, England. The subject was: The Origin of Early Israel—Current Debate: Biblical, Historical and Archaeological Perspectives. The study reflected a sharp division among scholars over the genesis of the Jews as a people. This division still exists among academics that argue for and against the Abrahamic start of the Jews, the issues of the Egyptian background as provided in the Bible, how the Israelites came to inhabit Canaan (swift military conquest or nomadic infiltration?), and even whether King David existed.

Join Mark Lanier in his compelling response to the critics of the Scripture's account of the Jewish people and the Exodus.  We will explore the issue in two parts.  First, by carefully examining the qualifications and motives of the authors’ opinions. Second, by examining the opinions, carefully weighing their merit both against common sense and against the thoughts of other experts in the area.


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier


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