LGG 11 - Vocabulary: Greek Puns


Life Group Greek: Lesson 11 – Greek Puns

Puns are fun ways to play around with words and they make things memorable, humorous, interesting and though provoking. Puns also package two meanings into the same statement. There are numerous examples throughout the New Testament and unless one studies Greek one might miss the nuance provided by the puns. Six examples are included that range from Matthew, Luke, John, Philemon and Philippians.

Key Words

Puns, paly on words, double meanings, camel gamla, swallow, gama, louse, qalma, Sermon on the Mount, disfigure, seen, phaino, hypocrites, favor, dekton, acceptable, born again, anothen, from above, pneuma, spirit, wind, Spirit, Nicodemus, sound, phone, voice, overcome, katalambano, to take, grasp, caught, adultery, Philemon, Onesimus, profit advantage, useful, benefit, all, pas


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier