LGG 10 - Vocabulary: Verbal Aspect Part 2


Life Group Greek: Lesson 10 – Verbal Aspect Part 2

Further to last weeks lesson on the verb tenses, another way to illustrate the “aorist” tense is to consider a modern news report on a hurricane: the satellite view is likened to the “aorist” view, which is the most common tense used in Biblical Greek and it provides background information; the “on-the-scene” reporting is likened to the “present” or “imperfect” tense because it provides information on what is happening in the here and now. This is applied on sections from Ephesians (1:3-14, 1:15-23, 2:1-10). Considering the verbs as portraying action from different perspectives allows the reader to see an emphasis from a different viewpoint and not only enhances the understanding but makes reading it more fun.

Key Words

Emphasis, ‘aorist’ tense, ‘present’ tense, ‘imperfect’ tense, ‘perfect’ tense, the bookcase, the bookshelf, the book, ‘forest verb’, narrative events, the ‘default’ tense, action in progress, state of affairs, foreground, ‘frontground’, relief map, verbs, viewpoint


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier