LGG 03 - Vocabulary Part 3


Life Group Greek: Lesson 3 – Vocabulary

The vocabulary words for this lesson are dikaios, which can be translated righteousness or justification; Hagios, or Holy; and, Pistis, which is translated as faith, or belief. Many of our English words are mixed from Germanic or Latin roots. In this case righteousness is from the Germanic root meaning, “just, upright, virtuous, guiltless, sinless: conforming to the divine or moral law”. Justified is from the Latin root, ‘ius’ meaning, “right, law or justice. The words holy, hallowed, consecrate, sacred, sanctify, sanctification and saint are all from the same Greek word, Hagios.

Key Words

Dikaios, dikaiosune, righteous, righteousness, justified, justification, consistent holiness, ‘righteous-fied’, Germanic, Latin, Hagios, holy, hallowed, consecrate, sacred, sanctify, sanctification, saint, ‘halud’, ‘Consecrare’, ‘sacer’, dedicated, set apart, ‘sanctus’, ‘hagiazo’, holiness, ‘Hagiosune’, believe, belief, ‘pisteuo’, entrusted


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier