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GOG 015 - Is God Guilty of Fraud? Science and Faith Part 3


Mark continued with his teaching: The Role of Science and Faith. Mark reviewed the three opinions presented last week: science and faith are in (1) opposition (2) some overlap (3) co-existence. The biblical view is that science is a part of our faith, and it's God's tool for humanity to use toward good ends. Science is faith's physical tool for fighting the physical pain and difficulties of the fallen world. Sometimes science wins, and sometimes it doesn't. Listen to Markexplain the five reasons why science and faith co-exist Join Mark as he continues Is God Guilty of Fraud? (earlier lessons in this series are titled “The Greatness of God”) series with Part 3 of “God of Faith or God of Science.” Mark looks at the interplay between the biblical view of science and faith, and how the view we have of the world affects how we live day-to-day. This video is part of a series: Is God Guilty of Fraud? - Mark Lanier, a trial lawyer by trade, examines the truth of God’s greatness by examining His Curriculum Vitae (CV). In consecutive lessons, Mark uses God’s CV to understand who He is, what His greatness has to do with us, why God has done horrible things and allows evil, what is the truth of God’s greatness, does God’s CV indicate that he keeps His promises and does God’s CV include references that back up the claim to His greatness?


Speaker: Mark Lanier