GOG 008 - Where is God? Part A


Mark continued his class on The Greatness of God: Examining Gods CV. Mark began the lesson by explaining the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1-9 with a look into the language and concepts of the ancient Mesopotamia area. Forever people have been looking for God. The tower was a ziggurat, a structure several stories high with a staircase to entice gods to come down to earth. The passage is written in the literary technique of that day - chiastic structure: using a ‘mirroring’ effect and placing the punch or point of the story in the middle. The morale of the passage is God is not our genie. Yet God does descend to earth. The existence of God is beyond man's understanding. God is above or superior to our understanding of the world. God is above or superior to nature God is supernatural God is transcendent God is immanent. Listen to Mark provide insights into the Tower of Babel accounting and what it means to us today.


Speaker: Mark Lanier



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