Session 3, Genesis 1


Mark continued in the series on Genesis with a focus on addressing context in the creation story. 1. Translation and context: Written for us but to ancient Israel in ancient Hebrew vocabulary, culture, and understanding. The ancients used their common sense to explain the creation. 2. Cosmos and Moses: Moses grew up in Pharaoh’s house and was instructed in Egyptian and Mesopotamian culture.  Moses learned gods had various functions in creation. Babylon had other gods to explain creation. 3. Fresh look of Genesis 1 in context: The earth was without form and was void. God speaks and forms, then fills it. Without God forming and filling our lives, we are without form and living in empty chaos. God first formed the earth in the first 3 days then subsequently filled it the following 3 days. Homework. Read Genesis 1:1 thru 2:3 Points for home --God is speaking -God will form and fill your days -God will form and fill your days Don’t go In reverse Listen to Mark point out how the Bible needs to be taken in context from the original language for proper understanding.    


Speaker: Mark Lanier



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