CH16 St. John Chrysostom


Church History: Chapter 16 – St. John Chrysostom

St. John Chrysostom was one of the most loved and successful preachers in church history. His name is a combination of two words that mean, “golden mouthed.” His sermons connected with the everyday person’s life and struggles, offering direction and encouragement from God’s word. He was demanding on the holiness of his church members, but was even more strident and careful in his own lifestyle and holiness. For ten years he preached in Antioch and we still have many of these sermons today.

Key Words

St. John Chrysostom, historical “doctors” of the Roman church, Archpriest Vitali Borovoi, Libanius, Basil, Cappodocian Fathers, monastic, Theodosius, Nektarius, Eutropius, Arcadius, Theophilus, Empress Aelia, Eudoxia, Jezebel, Caucasus, Armenia, Comana, “treasures of the Scriptures”, Von Campenhausen


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier



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