CH14 St. Anthony


Church History: Chapter 14 – Saint Antony – A Desert Father

The principal source for the life of St. Antony is the biography written by Athanasius. Born around 250 AD to parents that “were of good stock and well-to-do,” when his parents died (he was only 18-20), he chose to give all of his earthly belongings to the townspeople. He became an ascetic, moved out of town and devoted his life to prayer and committing large portions of scripture to memory. He had to overcome some significant temptations from Satan. Some 20 years later when his friends convinced him to come out of seclusion it seemed to all that he was pure of soul and “completely under control.” He went to Egypt just prior to Constantine’s rise to power expecting to be martyred but instead he ministered to those who were being martyred.

Key Words

Hermit, heremos, “Desert Father”, ascetic, self denial, “pray continually”, demonology, “customary tactics”, Athanasius, “The Life of St. Antony”, hyenas, “daily martyrdom”, monasteries, ascetic devotion, Constantine, Maximin, Arian controversy, “service of God”, extreme commitment.


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier



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