CH06 Early Church Worship-Part 1


Many New Testament churches met in homes of the wealthy because these homes would have had enough room to accommodate the larger groups. The earliest official church building was a converted house in Dura-Europos, Syria, which is dated to have been converted around 250AD. Although there is not a record of how a typical service was performed early church services were most likely patterned after Jewish services which were built around four events: praise, prayer, Scripture reading, and instruction. There is clear evidence that the early church was a singing church; Paul encouraged the churches to sing to each other psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. One of the important differences between the services in the apostolic church and Jewish synagogues was that the Lords Supper was observed, and the evidence points to weekly observance on the Lords Day.

Key Words

Church homes, communion, upper room, huperoon (Greek), St. Cyril of Jerusalem, peristyle, triclinium, church building, Dura-Europos, Shema, Dead Sea Community, Qumran, Ralph Martin, proseuche, Aramaic loan words, maranatha, Abba, amen, Lords Supper, Eucharist, agape feast, Tertullian, proestos, worship


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier



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