CH05 Martyrs: Ignatius and Polycarp


Ignatius of Antioch was the Bishop of the church at Antioch circa 110 AD. Typically Christians were charged with atheism because they would not worship Caesar as god and for this they were martyred. He wrote seven letters to the churches along his way from Antioch to Rome providing strong guidance in various Christian themes. Polycarp was the Bishop of the church at Smyrna and was considered an Apostolic Father. He too provided strong leadership to the church and faced his death by burning with an uncommon bravery, praying for his executioners.

Key Words

Ignatius, Polycarp, seven letters, Eusebius, Onesimus, Philemon, the medicine of immortality, Magnesian letter, Trallian Letter, Philadelphian Letter, The Archives, Smyrnaen Letter, Apostolic Father, the church at Philomelium


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier



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