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Biblical Study While Living with Corona - Lesson 9 05/10/2020 Mark Lanier


Mark continued with his series: Biblical Study While Living with the Corona Virus by continuing a focus on - The Story on the Road to Emmaus (Luke 24). In this lesson, Mark continues with the Book of Ruth, a love story that previews the love of King Jesus for His people. We learn that Naomi and Emilech, a Hebrew family, left Bethlehem for Moab during a famine. Emilech and the two sons die, leaving Naomi alone. One daughter in law, Ruth refuses to return to her family and remains lovingly loyal to Naomi. The two women return to Bethlehem. Ruth meets a distant relative landowner Boaz who takes an interest in her. Listen to Mark tell Ruth’s story that links to the lineage of Jesus Christ and how Boaz as the redeemer of Ruth foreshadows Jesus’ redeeming his people the church.


Speaker: Mark Lanier